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After-Take: GRIMM “Tree People”

Name of the Episode: “Tree People” AirDate: Friday, March 3 Monroe goes to the loft to hear more about Eve’s encounter with the demon in the mirror. Adalind, Wu, Hank and Rosalee also join in the case. Adalind suspects the demon is coming after Eve because she’s seen it twice in the mirror. Diana also has a thought saying what they see isn’t a dream, it’s real, but somewhere in the middle. Rosalee offers to let Eve stay with them

After-Take: GRIMM “The Son Also Rises”

Name of the Episode: “The Son Also Rises” AirDate: Friday, February 24 Monroe and Nick join Eve and Rosalee at the spice shop trying to decipher what their calendar could represent. They doubt the future event will be anything of good news. Then Monroe comes across an Italian painting representing the astrological signs; he believes the painter was a Grimm and trying to articulate the sort of wesen that span from the universe or even multiverse. Everyone is tired from

After-Take: GRIMM “Blind Love”

Name of the Episode: “Blind Love” The episode begins with love and kisses between, well everyone! More will be explained because we need to go back 36 hours to find out what we just saw. Diana wakes up Eve wondering if she’s sad. Diana asks if Eve is sad because Nick isn’t her boyfriend anymore. Eve says it makes her a little sad sometimes. Diana still doesn’t know her second mommy, Kelly has died. She was too little to remember;

After-Take: GRIMM “Seven Year Itch”

Name of the Episode: “Seven Year Itch” The start of the episode is very familiar to the end of Stephen King’s Carrie. Hands popping out of the ground, first a wesen is seen. However, he needs to conform to his human form in order to blend in. He sees many people in the park, and observes them. In the tunnels, Eve wakes up to find blood all over her hands and chalk writings on the bricks. Upstairs, Nick has a

After-Take: GRIMM “El Cuegle”

Name of the Episode: “El Cuegle” Renard is pointing his gun at Meisner still not convinced of what he’s seeing. Renard gets a call from a member of Bonaparte’s group. Everything is a mess from the death of their leader and with Renard seemingly stepping out of office. Renard cannot concentrate with the phone call and hangs up to finish with Meisner, but Meisner is gone. At the spice shop, everyone tries to reassure Diana that Renard is fine, and

After-Take: GRIMM “Oh Captain, My Captain”

Name of the Episode: “Oh Captain, My Captain” The police search around the spice shop, but do not enter. Everyone is hiding downstairs, but Nick knows he has to leave. Eve goes with him and they hide away the magic stick with its cloth. Adalind keeps wearing her wedding ring afraid to take it off because of Bonaparte’s warning. She does not want to endanger her children and has to go along with Renard’s plan. Reluctantly, Hank and Wu turn

After-Take: GRIMM “Trust Me Knot”

Name of the Episode: “Trust Me Knot” Renard gives the order to burst into Bud’s garage shop. The gang sees the police surrounding, Trubel suggests to take them on. Monroe pulls his arm in front of Rosalee and announces she’s pregnant. She wanted to keep it a secret but he doesn’t want her in the way of any harm. The officers are awaiting orders when Wu and Hank show up in a patrol car. They arrest Renard for the murder

After-Take: GRIMM “Fugitive”

Name of the Episode: “Fugitive” Grimmsters we will endure this final season premiere together! Thankfully, the network allowed them time to wrap up the series with a beautiful bow. We already know they’re finishing up the final episode by the cast social media feed. So let’s enjoy these final 13 episodes and know the fans were the reason this show lasted 6 seasons! When we last saw Nick, he had Black Claw causing havoc in his home! Just when it

SDCC 2016: Previewing the end of GRIMM with Claire Coffee

GRIMM is coming to what I’m sure will be an explosive end at the end of Season 6, starting the ground running in tonight’s intense season premiere. Claire Coffee (Adalind) spent some time talking with us at Comic Con in San Diego over the summer. On the new dynamic: “Alliances are shifting for sure.  I think the beginning of the season, it’s an incredibly tense, usually we take a season to work towards the insanity or that level of tension,

SDCC 2016: GRIMM’s Russell Hornsby previews Season 6

What comes next for GRIMM?  We sat down with Russell Hornsby at San Diego Comic Con round tables over the summer to ask just that, and get his take on what he’d like to see if the show were to end (we found out a few months later that it definitely is ending at the end of Season 6, premiering tonight with a great new episode). On Nick, Renard, and what that means for the show: “They didn’t end things

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