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After-Take: CHICAGO PD “I Remember Her Now”

Name of the Episode: “I Remember Her Now” The episode begins with a teenage girl found dead in an elevator shaft. Her identification is found in the dumpster, and shows she was only fifteen years old. She was staying at a state funded home for troubled girls named Brady facilities. Over the years there were over a hundred calls for suicide attempts, violence and runaways. Over the past few months only a handful of calls have been made. They realize

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “An Agent of the Machine”

Name of the Episode: “An Agent of the Machine” Casey and Dawson go to the store to pick up snacks for a movie night. Gabby is approached by a man asking about how to treat a burn. Gabby then realizes it’s the man from the apartment fire that ran out with no identification. Before Casey can see the man, he’s already gone from their sight. They go to Antonio helping he will have some way to identify the man. At

After-Take: TIMELESS “The Lost Generation”

Name of the Episode: “The Lost Generation” Lucy continues to speak with her father about Rittenhouse, adamant she will not join. Wyatt is taken in for questioning about stealing the time machine, refusing any counsel. Lucy speaks with Agent Christopher and Rufus about Benjamin. Everyone has various opinions about how to handle him and Rittenhouse. However they cannot talk for long, Flynn has taken the mother ship out. He has taken it to May 21, 1927 in Paris. It is

After-Take: GRIMM “Seven Year Itch”

Name of the Episode: “Seven Year Itch” The start of the episode is very familiar to the end of Stephen King’s Carrie. Hands popping out of the ground, first a wesen is seen. However, he needs to conform to his human form in order to blend in. He sees many people in the park, and observes them. In the tunnels, Eve wakes up to find blood all over her hands and chalk writings on the bricks. Upstairs, Nick has a

After-Take: TIMELESS “Karma Chameleon”

Name of the Episode: “Karma Chameleon” Wyatt goes to Lucy to admit his plan to take the time machine. She wants to go with him to help maintain history’s timeline. However Wyatt knows if she helps with the mission Agent Christopher won’t help bring Amy back. Wyatt not only wants to save Jessica, but he wants to save the other two women who were killed by the same man. He tells Lucy to call the agency and make it seem

After-Take: GRIMM “El Cuegle”

Name of the Episode: “El Cuegle” Renard is pointing his gun at Meisner still not convinced of what he’s seeing. Renard gets a call from a member of Bonaparte’s group. Everything is a mess from the death of their leader and with Renard seemingly stepping out of office. Renard cannot concentrate with the phone call and hangs up to finish with Meisner, but Meisner is gone. At the spice shop, everyone tries to reassure Diana that Renard is fine, and

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Who Lives And Who Dies”

Name of the Episode: “Who Lives And Who Dies” Gabby is awoken by a noise that draws her out of bed. She finds Matt packing up Louie’s items in the middle of the night. He isn’t giving the stuff away, just packing it up to once again make the room for guests. His frustration is evident to Gabby, but she lets it go and heads back to bed. At the firehouse, Severide is back on shift after his bone marrow

After-Take: TIMELESS “The Murder of Jesse James”

Name of the Episode: “The Murder of Jesse James” As promised, Flynn gave Wyatt the name of Jessica’s killer. Wyatt meets with the inmate seeking closure about her death. The inmate confesses to knowing exactly who Wyatt is and what he had done. The only way anything could be changed, is if someone had a time machine…. Amy comes to Lucy in a dream reminding her of her destiny. Lucy wakes up discouraged and realizes she has lost focus. Jiya

After-Take: GRIMM “Oh Captain, My Captain”

Name of the Episode: “Oh Captain, My Captain” The police search around the spice shop, but do not enter. Everyone is hiding downstairs, but Nick knows he has to leave. Eve goes with him and they hide away the magic stick with its cloth. Adalind keeps wearing her wedding ring afraid to take it off because of Bonaparte’s warning. She does not want to endanger her children and has to go along with Renard’s plan. Reluctantly, Hank and Wu turn

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Graveyard Shift”

Name of the Episode: “Graveyard Shift” The episode starts with Dr. Choi and the other nurses trying to revive a young man shot in a drive by. They are unsuccessful in their attempts and have to call the time of death. Upstairs, Sharon and Dr. Choi discuss a potential patient with major confidentiality issues. Natalie unfortunately jinxed Halstead’s second shift by wishing him an easy night. Three teenagers come in with an extreme reaction to drugs. Dr. Latham speaks to

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