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After-Take: GRIMM “Tree People”

Name of the Episode: “Tree People” AirDate: Friday, March 3 Monroe goes to the loft to hear more about Eve’s encounter with the demon in the mirror. Adalind, Wu, Hank and Rosalee also join in the case. Adalind suspects the demon is coming after Eve because she’s seen it twice in the mirror. Diana also has a thought saying what they see isn’t a dream, it’s real, but somewhere in the middle. Rosalee offers to let Eve stay with them

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Lose Yourself”

Name of the Episode: “Lose Yourself” AirDate: Thursday, March 2 April has 21 more weeks until her due date and won’t tell Maggie what the sex of the baby is. Maggie keeps going through the alphabet trying to get April to slip up. Sharon gives Connor heads up of a trauma patient that will be the focus of the press. Justin Pepper, a window washer, fell when his platform gave out. He fell 43 stories and has somehow survived the

After-Take: One Chicago Crossover 3/1

Names of the Episodes: CHICAGO FIRE “Death Trap” / CHICAGO PD “Emotional Proximity” / CHICAGO JUSTICE “Fake” AirDate: Wednesday, March 1 HOUR ONE Firehouse 51 is reunited and back on the city’s night calls. Connie has just left for vacation, so her temp is Marcy, a bright eyed young girl unaware of what this house has seen. The trucks pull up to a blazing warehouse fire, much like the fire that just happened in Oakland. One door is opened as

After-Take: GRIMM “The Son Also Rises”

Name of the Episode: “The Son Also Rises” AirDate: Friday, February 24 Monroe and Nick join Eve and Rosalee at the spice shop trying to decipher what their calendar could represent. They doubt the future event will be anything of good news. Then Monroe comes across an Italian painting representing the astrological signs; he believes the painter was a Grimm and trying to articulate the sort of wesen that span from the universe or even multiverse. Everyone is tired from

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Cold Front”

Name of the Episode: “Cold Front” AirDate: Thursday, February 23 A major storm comes to Chicago which requires the assistance of firehouse 51. There are at least twelve vehicles involved in a pre-dawn collision. One vehicle bursts into flames and the driver is quickly pulled out and extinguished. Jeff is looking through a few cars looking for more victims and sees blood in the snow. The blood trail leads to a pregnant woman passed out near some trees. At the

After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will”

Name of the Episode: “Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will” AirDate: Wednesday, February 22 Adam returns from his undercover stint and goes to see Voight. Voight knocks Adam back to patrol because he left without anyone to help cover while he was away. Rixton will be taking Adam’s place permanently; Voight will keep Adam in mind if any openings come up in the future. Across town, Erin meets up with a childhood friend, Scrap because he has some information on a

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Purgatory”

Name of the Episode: “Purgatory” AirDate: Tuesday, February 21 With all the changes happening with Firehouse 51, everything and everyone is on their toes. Otis goes to House 67, Herrmann and Mouch are reassigned together to Firehouse 90. Capp and Cruz are sent to answering dispatch calls at the call center. Stella and Brett are assigned to Firehouse 75, while at Firehouse 51 a new batch of workers are assembled for the shifts. They hardly get introductions before their first

After-Take: TIMELESS “The Red Scare”

Name of the Episode: “The Red Scare” AirDate: Monday, February 20 The season finale is upon us with many uncertainties. Viewers get a glimpse of Flynn’s family before they were taken. His wife and daughter were everything to him, all he wanted, was to protect them. Rufus managed to get everyone home despite his massive loss of blood. Not wanting to visit a hospital, their options are limited. So, Lucy calls her doctor fiancé to help them. He is furious

After-Take: GRIMM “Blind Love”

Name of the Episode: “Blind Love” The episode begins with love and kisses between, well everyone! More will be explained because we need to go back 36 hours to find out what we just saw. Diana wakes up Eve wondering if she’s sad. Diana asks if Eve is sad because Nick isn’t her boyfriend anymore. Eve says it makes her a little sad sometimes. Diana still doesn’t know her second mommy, Kelly has died. She was too little to remember;

After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Seven Indictments”

Name of the Episode: “Seven Indictments” Lindsay and Halstead go in for re-evaluation for their gun services. Lindsay aces the shooting targets, while Halstead passes with no high marks. They’re about to leave, but Lindsay receives a cryptic warning from the shooting supervisor. He tells them to “watch their back” with Rixton on the team. They leave the range to drive to a home that was burned to the ground. Their only evidence is a body that is burned beyond

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