After-Take: TIMELESS “The Red Scare”

TIMELESS — “The Red Scare” Episode 115 — Pictured: (l-r) Claudia Doumit as Jiya, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Red Scare”

AirDate: Monday, February 20

The season finale is upon us with many uncertainties. Viewers get a glimpse of Flynn’s family before they were taken. His wife and daughter were everything to him, all he wanted, was to protect them.
Rufus managed to get everyone home despite his massive loss of blood. Not wanting to visit a hospital, their options are limited. So, Lucy calls her doctor fiancé to help them. He is furious with the lack of information about the situation, but helps Rufus the best he can. Although Rufus is safe, Noah is confused by Lucy’s actions and her unwilling to speak the truth.

She insists Wyatt isn’t the reason they can’t connect, but she does admit they can’t be together. She wasn’t the person Noah fell in love with, and will not be her. The mothership shows it’s jumped to 1954, Washington D.C. Flynn jumps knowing Rufus won’t be able to pilot them. He wants to take out the members of Rittenhouse once and for all while they are assembled for their meeting. Jiya and Agent Christopher meet with the team, but realized Rittenhouse has followed them to the warehouse. Without a choice, they make the jump to D.C.

February 20, 1954 is the location of the summit, but they are in the wrong attire. Flynn meets with Joe McCarthy to find out the location of the summit being held that night. McCarthy at this time is searching for Russian spies amongst the Americans. Flynn gets the address of the summit and gives photos of Wyatt and Lucy pinning them as Russian spies. After the jump Jiya has a red eye, and Rufus fears it’s because four people jumped in the lifeboat. Wyatt and Lucy are picked up by FBI agents so Flynn can speak with her. Lucy sees Flynn as a sad, broken man, and not as a monster anymore. With Flynn wanting to take out Rittenhouse, that includes Lucy’s grandfather as well. He isn’t sure what that will mean for her fate in the future. But, for them, it’s goodbye. Wyatt is in another room being questioned by McCarthy about his spy status. When the guards go to beat Wyatt into submission, he fights back and escapes with Lucy. Lucy knows her grandfather is a white house aide, so if they find him, they can follow him to the summit.

In the present, Mason goes to Agent Christopher to show her evidence to convict Benjamin Cahill. She is skeptical of his willingness to help; but he admits it’s because Rittenhouse wanted to kill Rufus, and Mason felt that was wrong. Rufus isn’t able to contact Wyatt on the walkie-talkie and gets frustrated. Jiya distracts him by showing her eye looks a lot better. Suddenly, her eyes roll back and she passes out. Rufus holds onto her and allows her to lay down; for a moment, it seems like she would wake up, but instead she goes into a seizure as Rufus can only watch. Across town, Lucy and Wyatt follow her grandfather, Ethan from the white house. Except when they reach their destination, the mood feels, off. They soon realize they’ve ventured into a gay bar. Ethan has a wife and son at home, but says he can’t shake this bad habit of his.

He admits he never wanted to be a part of Rittenhouse and might thank Flynn if he’s successful in taking out the powerful organization. Ethan guides them to the summit and they survey the premises. Wyatt believes Flynn would be in the basement if he were to do any harm to the facility. He’s correct in his theory and sees Flynn alone. Wyatt pulls his gun about to shoot Flynn, but Lucy jumps in the middle of them and says she wants to help Flynn. She says working in the past isn’t the problem, they need to focus on the present. Even citing her journal as saying they would be working together one day. Wyatt puts his gun down, willing to trust Lucy. Lucy and Wyatt take Flynn and Ethan back to the warehouse. Knowing Jiya needs medical help, Lucy sends her away with Wyatt and Rufus back to the present. They even disclose their secret that they’re from the future to Ethan.

At first, he thinks it’s just a film prop, but sees it in action when they make the jump. Lucy admits to being Ethan’s granddaughter and that his son will be her father one day. She knows a way to take out Rittenhouse, but they need Ethan’s help. He will have to live a double life for the rest of his life to save everyone. The next scene shows Lucy and Wyatt going to visit Ethan as an elderly man in a wheelchair. He remembers them, and wanted to run away from it all, but never did, knowing Lucy would return. Ethan kept every piece of evidence regarding Rittenhouse’s actions and stored them in a San Francisco apartment. With Mason’s technology, the information could be processed in hours and their case could be made. At a local hospital, Rufus goes to visit Jiya and they finally confess their love for one another. After they do, Jiya seems to seizure, but we see a view of the golden gate bridge flicker to when it was being constructed. She came back, but can’t really describe what happened to her.

At Mason Industries, Agent Christopher leads the charge to have the members of Rittenhouse arrested. Lucy meets up with Flynn to give him information about who put the hit on his family and the men who carried out the order. Flynn gives Lucy back her journal and says she gave him the book, but it hasn’t happened yet. He also notes she ages well; goes to think Flynn is from another time in the future! Suddenly armed men surround them to arrest Flynn on the spot. Agent Christopher followed Lucy so they could arrest Flynn for his actions. He is furious at her betrayal, although Lucy had no knowledge of what was happening. Agent Christopher tells Lucy and Wyatt many members of Rittenhouse have been arrested and they should feel very proud of their work.

She also goes onto keep her promise, the lifeboat has been approved for one more mission, so Lucy can get Amy’s parents together and she can get his sister back. Before they leave, Lucy thanks Wyatt for everything he did for her and he will go back to base and wait for another assignment. Although Wyatt won’t be able to get Jessica back, he knows he has to focus on the present now and not the past. Before she leaves for the mission she goes to visit her mother to tell her the truth. Knowing that if Amy comes back her mother will be gravely ill. Then her mother drops a huge confession, she says Rittenhouse would never allow Lucy to use the lifeboat if it meant her mother being sick. Lucy is shocked to find out her mother was set up with Ben because they both came from strong Rittenhouse families. Her mother even admits there is a Rittenhouse operative on the mothership that will keep their mission going. Viewers see a few bodies lying on the ground, as EMMA walks upon the mothership. She stuck to her story about being a victim and targeted by Rittenhouse, when in reality, she is a part of them.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the episode, and no word of season 2 has been confirmed. If there is any news, come to My Take on TV for all the updates!