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Woman with an Unbreakable Plan: Rachele Brooke Smith talks inspiration, CENTER STAGE, and positive thinking


Today, MToT is sharing a long read – a conversation that we had with Rachele Brooke Smith (star of CENTER STAGE: TURN IT UP) who returns as Kate Parker in Lifetime’s new sequel CENTER STAGE: ON POINTE. On a late afternoon that found my phone almost blowing up right in the middle of the call, Rachele and I spent time chatting about coming back to this world she first discovered at 13, what it means to her, and the inspiring

Video: AMERICAN GOTHIC creator Corinne Brinkerhoff previews the series


CBS held a Summer press day with the cast and creatives of their Summer shows, and we had the great chance to participate in a round table discussion with AMERICAN GOTHIC creator Corinne Brinkerhoff – she gave us great insight into the makeup of her writers’ room, how the show will unfurl over 13 episodes, where the title came from, and more. Check it out above and be sure to catch the AMERICAN GOTHIC series premiere at 10/9c on CBS!

Video: Juliet Rylance previews AMERICAN GOTHIC on CBS


While spending time with the cast and creative teams of some of CBS’ Summer shows earlier this month, we had a chance to sit at a round table interview with Juliet Rylance, who plays the golden child of the Hawthorne clan (thusly dubbed once Garrett left town mysteriously years ago), Alison Hawthorne-Price, the politician looking to run for Mayor of Boston. We asked her about working with this cast, what to expect out of the show, and how creepy Cam’s



Tonight on CBS, the 13-part murder mystery series AMERICAN GOTHIC premieres with a surprisingly funny but very tense episode that follows the wealthy Hawthorne family as they are forced to confront sins of the past in an effort to keep those sins from derailing their future. Virginia Madsen is perfectly cast as the icy and reserved family matriarch, Madeline, who welcomes her brood home to the absurdly large family estate, in an effort to rally around golden child Alison (Hawthorne-Price,


animal kingdom

Based on the Australian movie of the same name, ANIMAL KINGDOM stars Ellen Barkin as Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody, the head of a gorgeous family of criminals living in Southern California (their fairly non-descript or not-specifically-categorized criminal activities pay for their lavish lifestyle).  When Smurf’s estranged daughter dies, the family takes in their youngest member, J (played with a middling American accent (a minor complaint) by Finn Cole). Smurf’s sons Craig (Ben Robson, Kalf from VIKINGS) and Deran (Jake Weary) welcome

My Take on…TBS’s new must-watch comedy WRECKED


Tonight on TBS, the re-invented network that this season has already given us the insane satire ANGIE TRIBECA (now airing S2) and raunchy, family comedy THE DETOUR (the Jason Jones starrer has already been renewed for S2), be sure to check out the series premiere of WRECKED. The show, loosely being labeled as the comedy version of ABC’s hit show LOST, follows the survivors of a downed plane after they land on a deserted island. From the minds of the

DVD Review: THE LEAGUE: The Final Fantasy


THE LEAGUE: The Final Fantasy is out on DVD today, June 14, 2016! What they tell us: “Shenanigans ensue for the last time as Taco, Ruxin, Pete, Jenny, Kevin, and Andre make their final attempt to win the elusive Shiva trophy in season 7, the final season, of The League.  To be a fan of The League, you don’t need to know much about fantasy football, or sports at all. You just need to have friends that you hate. The

Talking BRAINDEAD with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Tveit


The final segment of our BRAINDEAD interviews from CBS Summer Press day last week is a lovely chat with Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Laurel) and Aaron Tveit (Gareth) about the physicality needed for the show, their characters’ interaction, and what fans can expect. They have a breezy rapport that stands out on screen – I think that their slow burn of a relationship is going to be one reason (of many) to keep coming back for more each week!  Check out

Tony Shalhoub on his new series BRAINDEAD


Tony Shalhoub, known to longtime TV fans as Antonio from WINGS, Monk from, well, MONK, and a wide variety of critically well-received roles, brings his talent to CBS’ latest Summer series, BRAINDEAD, as Red Wheatus, a Republican Senator who falls “victim” to what is eating the minds of some of Washington’s best and brightest. While his affliction (brain-bugs) may seem dire, what it helps him become overall? It’s maybe not as bad as it sounds. BRAINDEAD is the brainchild of


bd fi

CBS’ newest Summer series BRAINDEAD premieres tonight (10/9c) and I’ve spent the past week or so trying to put into words my feelings on the show.  What have I been telling friends who ask?  “It’s absolutely insane.” They often push for more detail by saying, “Is that a good or bad thing?”  And I have to tell you, friends, I think it’s a great thing. The show, from THE GOOD WIFE creators Robert and Michelle King, tells the story of