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SONS OF LIBERTY’s David Lipper previews The History Channel miniseries, Sundance, and a FULL HOUSE reunion


Tonight on The History Channel, their three night even series, SONS OF LIBERTY premieres, telling the story of America’s first gang, with familiar names like Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin.  Familiar face David Lipper (who I’ve watched since he was Viper of FULL HOUSE) stars as Amos, the merchant who helped forefathers get what they needed for their secret trades.  I spent some time chatting with David about being a part of the series and what he learned.  We also spent some time chatting

Stefanie Powers Spreads the Love through Animals, Asia, and Hallmark’s LOVE BY THE BOOK


In the world of television, Stefanie Powers is an icon. Let’s face it. Perhaps best known for her Hart to Hart days with Robert Wagner, Powers has yet to slow down, continuing instead to shower the world with her talent in entertainment. Her most recent project, Love by the Book, premieres this weekend on the Hallmark Channel. Powers will play opposite John Schneider, Leah Renee, and Kristopher Turner. As I talk with Powers via telephone about her latest project, she

EMPIRE’s Grace Gealey previews the first season


The second episode of FOX’s latest hit, EMPIRE, airs tonight after an all new AMERICAN IDOL.  The episode, “Outspoken King,” follows the aftermath of what was presented in the pilot, as Cookie settles in to live out of jail, and everyone faces their new reality. To celebrate the great ratings and excitement the show has received, I spent some time chatting with EMPIRE’s Grace Gealey, the current head of Empire’s A&R (you know, the role Cookie wants?), about what’s coming

Alan Tudyk previews the return of NEWSREADERS


NEWSREADERS returns to [adult swim] tonight with all new episodes, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited! The show, now airing Friday nights (Saturday mornings), follows all of the news that’s worth covering (and completely made up), reported by the (not really) very best.  In the first episode back, Ryan Hansen guest stars while lead News Reader Reagan Biscayne interviews TV’s favorite family about their sitcom lifestyle. To celebrate the return of the show, I spent some time swapping

Talking GALAVANT with Joshua Sasse and Karen David


I had the pleasure of speaking with GALAVANT stars Joshua Sasse and Karen David.  The show is ABC’s latest comedy, premiering tonight at 8/7c and airing for the next four weeks in back to back episodes, a “comedy extravaganza,” according to the network. We spoke about what drew them to the show, what it was like working with people like Alan Menken on a weekly basis.  Check out the above video, and check out GALAVANT – let us know what

Courtney K reflects on 2014!


TV programming this year has really run away from me; shows that I expected to really love fizzled out into nothing and long-running shows that I had avoided due to “ick” factor, became permanent staples in my DVR. Let’s review, shall we? In NO particular order: SCANDAL: I have weekly “Lady Dates” with one of my best friends (HI NATALI!) where we get on FaceTime, Skype or text and watch a bunch of shows. SCANDAL is always a part of

Know When to Hold’em: The Best Gambling Scenes to Appear on TV


There’s something about a good gambling scene that really grips the attention. In the truly great scenes giant egos, luck and skill come together to create a truly epic encounter, shaping the fate of participants outside the grotty gambling dens where such transactions are concluded. In this article we’ll take a look at the finest gambling scenes ever scripted for TV – they may not be the most realistic, but why let that get in the way of a good

Bruno Heller, Simon Baker, and Robin Tunney Give Final Encore Salute to THE MENTALIST


It’s no secret that this season, the seventh, is the final for The Mentalist.  What is a secret is how the popular series will end.  Executive Producer Bruno Heller, along with actors Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon) aren’t saying. However, Heller confides, “You know the real secret is that it’s very, very hard to keep up a rational generous relationship with your costars on a show that runs this long.  It has been a great joy

Talking HAPPYLAND AND SCORPION with Camille Guaty


You all definitely recognize the face of Camille Guaty.  She’s been a TV staple for years, popping up in starring or guest starring roles on some of my favorites like PRISON BREAK, THE CHICAGO CODE, and LAS VEGAS.  Or maybe you recognize her from GHOST OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST or BLINK (and up next, she’ll pop up in the new Jennifer Aniston award-buzzy CAKE). It’s always great to see her on our screens, and she’s gotten to sink her teeth into

Ryan Gage previews THE MUSKETEERS and that little-heard-of-movie called THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES


In anticipation of the final installment of THE HOBBIT (in theaters today) and the upcoming second seasons of THE MUSKETEERS on BBC America (premiering January 17, at 9/8c), I spent some time chatting with the movie’s Alfrid and TV’s latest King Louis XIII, Ryan Gage. Tell me everything possible about season 2 of THE MUSKETEERS? Musketeers S2 is a darker and more dangerous world than S1. We originally made Season 1 for an 8.00pm audience but it was screened at