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First Look: KINGDOM on DirecTV


DIRECTV released a long (NSFW (language)) trailer / preview for their new show KINGDOM (premieres Oct 8, 9PM on the Audience Network) today for your viewing pleasure.  A cast featuring Matt Lauria and Jonathan Tucker (two MToT favorites, not to mention Amber Holt love interests), along with Nick Jonas, Frank Grillo, Joanna Going, and Kiele Sanchez, it looks dark and gritty, and 100% what I’ll need to soften the blow of SOA heading off into the sunset this season!  Check

Peri Gilpin Talks Lifetime Network and ‘What Do You Do After Roz?”


I loved Peri Gilpin (Roz) on NBC’s Frazier.  So, you can   imagine my excitement when she called me from  LAX to discuss one of her latest projects, Lifetime Network’s The Choking Game. The Choking Game Gilpin tells me, “I play Heidi, a remarried mom who can now afford to stay home.  She’s a good mom, very conscientious.  And, since she never had the choice to stay home and raise her daughter before, she’s making up for  lost time.  But,

Previewing GRACELAND with Jamie Gray Hyder


Season 2 of GRACELAND has found Johnny undercover and maybe in over his head as he deals with the brother/sister team of Carlito (Erik Valdez) and Lucia (Jamie Gray Hyder).  As more details about their past and their current interests continue to come to light, I spent time chatting with Lucia herself about what it was that drew her to the role, what we can expect to see going forward, and ultimately, what her time on TRUE BLOOD meant to

Catherine Dent Teases GANG RELATED and Lifetime project GUILTY AT 17


How far would you go to support a friend?  Would you lie?  Would you lie about a teacher?  Would you accuse that teacher of sexual harassment just to keep that friend?  What would you do if that teacher then committed suicide?  Would you feel guilty? That’s the slant of Lifetime network’s Guilty at 17, which stars Erin Sanders (Eden Baldwin on The Young and the Restless).  With Baldwin in the cast is Catherine Dent (Gang Related, The Shield). I recently