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SDCC 2016: A quick look at Season 3 of GOTHAM with Michael Chiklis

When Michael Chiklis sat down to discuss GOTHAM S3 at San Diego Comic Con over the summer, besides talking about his daughter Autumn’s love for Comic Con, he teased new things coming for Captain Barnes – the “inherent tension” between these two characters had always come from Jim going the “Vic Mackey” route and Barnes trying to stay on the right side of the law. He teases “something crazy happens.” And I cannot wait!

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In “send ups that are better than they should be or than I was ever expecting them to be” news – THE EXORCIST on FOX premieres tonight with a terrifying and very well done pilot, showcasing what happens when two priests with wildly different approaches are called into consult on a case of demonic possession at the home of Geena Davis’ Angela and her family. While one might expect this to be a direct remake of the extremely scary movie

Quick Take: MACGYVER on CBS


Tonight on CBS, Mac is back as an Angus MacGyver for this generation joins the Friday night action lineup in MACGYVER.  Lucas Till plays Mac, with best friend Jack Dalton in tow (George Eades).  After the death of his girlfriend and colleague (Nikki, another familiar name [and face – Tracy Spiridakos]), Mac has to bring down those responsible. Before seeing the pilot, I thought we didn’t need a new MACGYVER. After seeing it, I’m still convinced we don’t need a

HELL’S KITCHEN Interview: Get to know Chef Paulie Giganti


Today we wrap up our three part HELL’S KITCHEN interview series with local chef Paulie Giganti.  Our quick chat covered a wide range of topics including why he did the show, what it was like living with 17 strangers, and what he thinks about other people’s opinion of him (“People’s perception is their perception. I don’t give a s***”). Here are the highlights – On joining HELL’S KITCHEN:  “Honestly, the only reason I participated – my owner threw me into

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Soul Care”


Name of the Episode: Soul Care At the end of the freshman season, the doctors of Chicago Med showed a completely new side to the city. Seems like everyone is trying to settle into their new roles a the hospital, or for Reese, a normal civilian life. She declined her position because she wanted to be in the emergency room; she is now working as a barista at a local coffee shop. Dr. Choi is the Chief Resident, Dr. Rhodes

My Take On…PITCH on FOX


PITCH premieres tonight on FOX at 9/8c and if you’re a fan of underdog sports stories, the Padres, baseball, and strong female leads, it’s likely a show that you’re going to want to watch week in and week out.  Kylie Bunbury is doing star-making work as the Ginny Baker, a woman whose father (guest star Michael Beach) groomed her to dream his dream of becoming a pitcher in the Major Leagues.  Nevermind the fact that she’s a stinky girl with

Chef Aziza Young previews HELL’S KITCHEN Season 16


This Friday on FOX, HELL’s KITCHEN is kicking off Season 16 at 8/7c and from screening the first two episodes alone, the show is off to a crazy, intense start.  Chef Aziza Young is among the 18 competing to win the prize and she and I spent some time talking about her journey to the show and what her experience was like. The kitchen manager from Harrisburg, PA, told me, “I wanted to challenge myself,” when I asked her why

After-Take: CHICAGO PD “The Silos”


Name of the Episode: The Silos The team picks up where they left us last season. We were picking up the pieces of our broken hearts after Justin’s death. As Voight is visiting Justin’s grave, Lindsay is home with Halstead. However, she can’t have any moments of calm because she keeps reliving the night of the shooting. Commander Crowley is trying get Lindsay to confess what she knows about Voight’s actions. Lindsay doesn’t give any information as Crowley begs her