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After-Take: GRIMM “A Reptile Dysfunction”


Name of the Episode: “A Reptile Dysfunction” Beware – the following contains spoilers!!! Nick goes to the Captain to fill him in on Eve’s attack at the restaurant. Wu and Hank are also in on the meeting, but still struggling to grasp the extent of what Eve is capable of. Rosalee is still stressed with the demons from her past. She received a second letter from a man who believed they had a relationship. She doesn’t want to reply or

After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Hit Me”


Name of the Episode: “Hit Me” Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!! After a week off, the squad comes back to Lindsay and Jay gambling in a casino. The situation seems unlikely for the pair. Lindsay leaves the casino with her winnings and a few drinks in her system. She is pulled over by an officer and he gives her the option of being arrested for drunk driving; or she can surrender her cash and forget the incident happened. Lindsay

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Sky Is Falling”


Name of the Episode: “The Sky is Falling” Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!! Mouch announces a “Battle of the Badges” against the police offices. The money will go to a good cause, to be determined. But it seems like the cause would be Trudy and Mouch’s wedding. The first call is at Chicago’s own Soldier Field where purple smoke is looming out of the doors and windows. There is no fire seen but the FBI, and Alex come to

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Reunion”


Name of the Episode: “Reunion” Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!! Firstly, congratulations to the cast and crew for their second season renewal! Starting into the episode, Natalie comes back to work after her maternity leave. As she does, a Saudi prince will be brought in for heart surgery. Maggie instructs Natalie to assist a teenage girl who is having problems breathing. The girl, Michelle, suddenly pulls through; the team is confused, but her overbearing father is just grateful she

After-Take: GRIMM “Eve of Destruction”


Name of the Episode: Eve of Destruction Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!! After the cliffhanger last month, it was revealed that a form of Juliette had returned. This woman saved Nick, Sergeant Wu, Renard, Hank and Monroe from an ambush. While everyone is in shock at the sight of her face, Nick runs out of the warehouse to find her. When no one sees any sign of the faux Juliette, Nick rushes back home in hopes Trubel will have



I remember where I was when I heard that OJ Simpson had been found not guilty of the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her beau, Ronald Goldman. I was in the hallways of my middle school on the way to Social Studies with one of my favorite teachers, Mr Rhodes, when the loudspeaker announced for “Nora Gumble” to come to the office. We didn’t have a Nora Gumble in the building at the time; it was our

Talking art, career advice, and live TV with GREASE LIVE!’s Eve Plumb


Sunday night on FOX, the iconic musical GREASE will air live with some familiar faces from all corners of the entertainment world.  Aaron Tveit (GRACELAND, LES MIZ) plays Danny to Julianne Hough’s Sandy.  Carly Rae Jepsen (Frenchie), Vanessa Hudgens (Rizzo), Carlos PenaVega (Kenickie), and Kether Donahue (Jan) are just some of the names joining the show. Eve Plumb (who you know first from THE BRADY BUNCH but whose varied career also includes gallery shows for her fantastic art work) will be playing Mrs Murdock

Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton talk SCORPION


  With CBS hit series Scorpion now in its second season, EP’s Nick Santora (NS) and Nicholas Wootton (NW) recently took time out to give MToT an exclusive Q&A on the series. 1.   What was it about this project that stood apart from anything you’d seen previously? NS: Normally, when you’re watching shows about geniuses or films about people who have genius as part of their lives, you deal more with the logical part of their minds and less with

ELEMENTARY Producer Talks Casting John Noble as Sherlock’s Father


Viewers of Elementary have been treated this season to the added role of Morland Holmes, Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) father, to the cast.  Holmes is played by John Noble, who viewers may remember from television roles in Fringe and Sleepy Hollow, among many others, and from such iconic films as The Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King and The Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers. Former Teases References to the elder Holmes have been threaded throughout

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Saints”


Name of the Episode: Saints Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!! Natalie is recovering upstairs after giving birth to Owen. Will is hesitant to go visit her because of the warning her received from her mother in law. The hospital is notified of a multi victim car crash and two patients are admitted. Mike and Jess are wheeled into the emergency room; Mike is conscious and asking about Jess’ condition. Jess is unconscious and being worked on when Mike notifies April