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After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Kind of a Crazy Idea”


Name of the Episode: “Kind of a Crazy Idea” Beware – spoilers! Talk about starting the show with a bang! Casey and Gabby are back in the saddle; they are back on the same page. Their schedules won’t allow for more time together, but it’s a nice start to the day. At the firehouse, Stella has the idea to make artisanal ice cubes the new featured item for Molly’s. Before the can thoroughly convince Herrmann they’re off to a call

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Disorder”


Name of the Episode: “Disorder” Beware – spoilers! It’s business as usual at Chicago Med, until they see a surprise visit from Jayco. It’s their joint company supervisors. Sharon encourages everyone to stick to protocols and do it with big smiles. She looks to Ethan for some military grade guidelines, but he is going on a resident ride along. He will miss the visit, but Will is already eagerly meeting the supervisors. Roman and the paramedics come in with a

After-Take: GRIMM “The Taming of the Wu”


Name of the Episode: “The Taming of the Wu” Beware – spoilers! Wu goes to the doctor to be examined after his head wound. His MRI is clear, no bleeding or swelling. He did suffer a concussion and will need to stay in observation a little longer. Nick and Hank stop by to check on him; they ask what he remembers from that night. Wu admits he only remembers seeing the suspect at the stakeout, and then waking up in

Alison Pill previews THE FAMILY’s must-watch episode!


ABC’s THE FAMILY started out with a simple log-line: the Warren family is rocked to the core when their long-presumed dead son Adam returns.  What’s transpired over the last 9 weeks is a mystery that features twist after twist, the least of which being that the boy who returned wasn’t Adam at all. Add to that, it was revealed that middle child Willa (Alison Pill) not only knew but planned the whole thing with the imposter. To preview the next explosive episode of the

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Last One for Mom”


Name of the Episode: “The Last One for Mom” Beware – spoilers! Matt meets with Susan to talk about strategy; Gabby meets with them a little late, but still hears the pitch. He doesn’t want to start a national career, what would he campaign for? Senate? Mayor? Whatever he picks, she can help make it a reality. JJ comes by the firehouse so Bianca can go to court. The trial begins and she will testify in a couple hours. After

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Inheritance”


Name of the Episode: “Inheritance” Beware – spoilers! The show opens on a Chicago party where April is the guest of Evans. Looks like things are going well for the pair since their meeting at the hospital a few weeks ago. Noah stops by; April is a little surprised he was invited to the party. He wanted to meet a few of Tate’s sports friends. April follows him to a back room and sees Noah talking to the players about

After-Take: GRIMM “Good to the Bone”


Name of the Episode: “Good to the Bone” Beware – spoilers! The show begins with a man stumbling out of a bar clearly drunk, but decides to drive home anyways. Swerving on the road, dazed, the truck rams into a tree and he flies through the windshield. Nick comes back to the apartment; Adalind is busy working on her paperwork from the office. Kelly is going with Adalind to work because she doesn’t want to leave him with anyone. She

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “I Will Be Walking”


Name of the Episode: “I Will Be Walking” Beware – spoilers! Gabby sees an 8% drop in customer attendance at Molly’s. Stella says most bars go under because of poor management. Stella thinks she can run a bar better than Herrmann. Gabby suggests a “bar Olympics” to settle the score. Before more bets can be made, a call comes in. Once on the scene, a young man is duct taped and roped to the side of the L train pole.

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Hearts”


Name of the Episode: “Hearts” Beware – spoilers!! Ethan is still suffering from his mental woes. In the middle of the night, Vickie notices he is not in bed. He is at least able to admit that he is attending group therapy at the VA. She already knows about his meetings with Dr. Charles. She wants him to come back to bed, but he decides to go on a run. In the morning, there is a long line of patients



Television shows sometimes impact viewers so much that they touch their hearts and change their lives.  I’ve written here at mytakeontv before about what a powerful tool TV can be.  This year’s Winter TCA’s gave NBC a chance to show off some of its more noble shows.  And three of them – Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med come from Executive Producer Dick Wolf.  Wolf joined Colin Donnell (Chicago Med), S. Epatha Merkerson (Chicago Med), Monica Raymund (Chicago Fire),