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CONVICTION has a cast that, on the surface, screams “you should immediately be in love with this show,” and yet, somehow, that’s not how I feel after screening the first two episodes.

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After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “A Real Wake Up Call”


Name of the Episode: A Real Wake Up Call Last week we were shocked to see Grant attacked by Severide. Grant is taken to the hospital as Severide is questioned about his actions before the ambulance ride. Policeman Crawford thinks the force was excessive, but Severide stands by his actions; had he not disarmed Grant, Stella could have been seriously hurt. At the hospital, Stella gives her statement as Grant is finally stable from the surgery. Stella is relieved that

Echo Kellum previews ARROW and the DC-verse crossover


Echo Kellum, a standout from BEN & KATE (gone too soon) and one of my favorite guest spots on YOU’RE THE WORST (Tall Nathan of “Hey, Put That Down Brian.”), joined the ARROW team last season, and has quickly become an integral member. His Curtis Holt has a great rapport with Felicity, and it feels like he’s been there all along. He told me when we spoke earlier this week that it felt the same for him, as an actor

After-Take: TIMELESS “Atomic Party”


Name of the Episode: “Atomic Party” Full Disclosure: This wasn’t my favorite episode….. Lucy is still trying to grasp her new reality with her fiancé Noah and not having her sister around is still hard. Wyatt can’t process why he can’t save his wife, but Lucy could still have her sister. At headquarters, Anthony was the project leader who was kidnapped on the day Flynn stole the time machine. Mason believes Anthony was working with Flynn to steal the machine;

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Brother’s Keeper”


Name of the Episode: “Brother’s Keeper” Natalie and Jeff’s relationship is still strong and still secretive. Until Will breaks it to Natalie, that everyone already knows about their relationship. Natalie is happy to pop Will’s bubble that everyone knows about him and Nina, the pathology doctor. Love is in the air at Chicago Med. The thought of love quickly goes to the back of everyone’s mind when patients begin to come in. Natalie and Will notice a pattern with a

After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Big Friends, Big Enemies”


Name of the Episode: Big Friends, Big Enemies Ruzek and Lindsay are working overtime at a theatre; it is a quiet night until gunshots ring out. A driver opens fire onto the crowd and plows innocent bystanders with his car. The motive is unclear but the driver seemed to be targeting one of the rappers that just performed. The car is registered to a man who was convicted of a hate crime in the past. He claims the car was

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Hose or The Animal”


Name of the Episode: “The Hose or The Animal” After a brief recap from the end of last season reminding viewers that a lot was uncertain. Stella hears the message from Dr. Charles that Grant has left the hospital without being discharged; it’s unknown what his intentions or state of mind currently are. Herrmann’s wife Cindy watches Louie while everyone goes to their shift. Gabby and Matt do not want to make any decisions while they’re figuring out their new

After-Take: TIMELESS “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”


Name of the Episode: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln The critics hail Timeless as a hit everyone needs to watch. I am inclined to agree thus far. The series begins with the shooting at Ford’s Theatre, as we know it. John Wilkes Booth shoots President Lincoln in the head and stabs General Lee before being thrown over the balcony. In the present, the time traveling group is called back to the headquarters. They have knowledge that Flynn has gone back

Previewing the return of JANE THE VIRGIN with Jenna Ortega


JANE THE VIRGIN returns tonight for what I’m sure will be a super emotional third season as Jane explores what happens after she gets married.  Oh and that little thing like will her husband live to see the rest of their wedding night, let alone married life? I spent some time talking about the return of the series with young Jane, Jenna Ortega, and she promises we’re in for some good stuff this season! Excited for season three of Jane

Giveaway: LOOKING The Complete Series on DVD


Now is your chance to win LOOKING: The Complete Series (with movie) on DVD! Out for the holidays, the full series set, with Digital HD option, hits store shelves on November 15, 2016.  Both sets come with 16 Audio Commentaries from cast and crew including Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, executive producers Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh and many more. LOOKING revolves around three 30-something friends living in San Francisco, who explore the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, options available to a new

SDCC 2016: Mark Sheppard previews S12 of SUPERNATURAL


What is Crowley up to in Season 12? SUPERNATURAL’s Mark Sheppard sat down with us at San Diego Comic Con over the summer to let us in on what he’s up to.  Mark mentions that this season, they’ll be focusing on the family and family dynamics.  We also talked about what happens when Crowley gets what he wants (and will he ever?) – does the show just end, ha? Check it out and don’t forget to tune into the season