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I want to like THE MCCARTHYS based on the solid cast alone – Laurie Metcalf is one of my favorite comedic actors, Joey McIntyre is probably the first poster I hung on my wall as a child, Jack McGee is funny, Kelen Coleman is a favorite, as a fan of John (and therefore Jason), I love a Ritter (this one is Tyler) – but I’m sad to say that the pedigree does not add up to a good show (Jimmy

David Giuntoli previews GRIMM Season 4: “Nick will enjoy being normal”


What’s a Grimm without his powers? We’ll soon find out when Grimm premieres its Fourth Season this week on NBC. Star David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) recently participated in a telephone press conference to tease about the new season and what viewers might expect. Of course, the premiere opens with everyone in a state of chaos. Giuntoli said, “Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) postpone their honeymoon due to the chaos that’s ensued [with Nick’s loss of his Grimm-ness].

Comic Con 2014: GRIMM Season 4 Previews from Cast and Creatives!


We had the pleasure of speaking with a very large majority of the cast at Comic Con 2014, including David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Russell Hornsby, Claire Coffee, and Silas Weir Mitchell (missing only Bree Turner in the swaps), as well as the executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, and the series director Norberto Barba. With Season 4 starting tonight, and Season 3 ending with Nick’s GRIMM-ness suddenly disappearing thanks to a little Adalind action, they

Brian Letscher talks SCANDAL and GRIMM


SCANDAL’s Brian Letscher has seen his character Tom take quite a few steps out from the shadows of President Grant as a secret service agent to (spoiler alert) come front and center as the mole inside the White House, feeding secrets and doing dirty work for B613. While not dealing with framing people for murders he kind of committed, he’s also taking a featured role on the first two episodes of GRIMM Season 4, and working with his brother Matt

Looking for something different? Try RightThisMinute!


We typically cover dramas and comedies, and all of the genres in between, here on MyTakeonTV, but this week, I put together a plan to spend some time getting to know the the folks at RightThisMinute, a syndicated Viral Videos show that has a group of hosts watching, discussing, and breaking down the hottest viral videos of the week. What is RightThisMinute? The episodes run about an hour long, and air throughout the country on various stations (you can find

Z NATION’s Keith Allan previews what comes next


Z NATION airs Friday nights on Syfy, and as the show has progressed, we’ve seen the team work together to, somewhat reluctantly, save a man named Murphy who holds what could be the cure or vaccine for Zombie and zombieism. On tonight’s all new episode, the gang encounters seemingly utopian cult and face major consequences. Keith Allan plays Murphy and we recently spent some time chatting about how he got involved in the show, what else he’s done for Syfy,

Chris Vance talks THE TRANSPORTER Series coming to TNT


Saturday, October 18 (at 9/8c), TNT will premiere THE TRANSPORTER television series, based on the movies of the same name, this time starring familiar face and MToT favorite Chris Vance as Frank, the man transporting the packages people need from Point A to Point B and getting into a few scrapes along the way. I had a chance to talk to Chris about why he wanted to do this show, why fans will like it, and what we’ll see as

Quick Take: NBC’s MARRY ME is fun


I was a huge fan of HAPPY ENDINGS, and Casey Wilson before that. I love Ken Marino more than most things in life. Together, they make up the leads of NBC’s new comedy series MARRY ME, premiering tonight at 9/8c, after ABOUT A BOY. The show follows Wilson’s Annie and Marino’s Jake as they deal with their relationship. Annie gets mad that they’re not engaged right when Jake gets down on one knee, and the rest of the pilot is

Comic Con 2014: Talking THE FLASH with the cast and creatives!


Hot on the heels of the fan favorite, ARROW, a new adaptation of The Flash was a gamble. However, the right casting and writing teams have been dispatched and it seems pretty clear that; it’s gonna be a great show! During San Diego Comic Con 2014, I got the chance to sit down with the leading cast members and an executive producer; we didn’t get much time, but hey. What did you expect from a show about the fastest man