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After-Take: CHICAGO PD “You Wish”

Name of the Episode: “You Wish” Jimmy goes to the station to visit Lindsay unexpectedly. He brings her the childhood photos he promised her. Jay uses Jimmy’s coffee cup for DNA to see if he is indeed Erin’s father. Their visit doesn’t last long because they catch a case. A white man is found murdered, however it may be a hate crime. His penis was severed so additional investigation will be required. Sandford Greg, he is a registered sex offender

Chaske Spencer previews SNEAKY PETE on Amazon

Amazon’s latest original series, SNEAKY PETE, hits the streaming site today. The “comedy/suspense/thriller” comes from the minds of David Shore and Bryan Cranston, and tells the story of a con man who finds himself on the run and in need of a new identity, one he borrows from his former cell-mate. Giovanni Ribisi, Cranston, Marin Ireland, Peter Gerety, and Margo Martindale star. Reviews are calling the show an actors’ showcase and one person who would agree with that assessment is

Giveaway: BALLERS Season 2 on DVD!

Season 2 of BALLERS, the HBO series starring Dwayne Johnson, will be out on Blu-Ray and DVD (both with digital download) January 31, 2017. In Season 2 of BALLERS, things are getting more competitive and complicated for retired football star turned financial manager Spencer Strasmore. As the lines between professional and personal blur in his pursuit of lasting success and glory, Spencer must face demons from the past when he goes head-to-head with the biggest business manager on the scene.

PaleyFest 2017: Full LineUp Announced

Over the weekend the Paley Center for Media announced the shows that would join them for the annual PaleyFest, held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.  This year, the Fest runs March 17 to March 26, and here’s a look at what you can see if you attend! March 17 (7:30PM): THE WALKING DEAD cast and creatives March 18 (2:00PM): ARROW / THE FLASH / SUPERGIRL / LEGENDS OF TOMORROW for a Heroes vs Aliens block March 18 (7:30PM): THIS

After-Take: GRIMM “Fugitive”

Name of the Episode: “Fugitive” Grimmsters we will endure this final season premiere together! Thankfully, the network allowed them time to wrap up the series with a beautiful bow. We already know they’re finishing up the final episode by the cast social media feed. So let’s enjoy these final 13 episodes and know the fans were the reason this show lasted 6 seasons! When we last saw Nick, he had Black Claw causing havoc in his home! Just when it

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Uncharted Territory”

Name of the Episode: “Uncharted Territory” Tate and April are working on remodeling their home; they also set their wedding date. April is trying to stay busy to not worry about her treatments and the results with her pregnancy. An MMA fight brings both of the fighters into Med for extreme injuries. Although each of the men try to downplay their injuries as they’re evaluated. Sharon asks Dr. Charles to evaluate a patient, Megan Scott to be put on the

SDCC 2016: Previewing the end of GRIMM with Claire Coffee

GRIMM is coming to what I’m sure will be an explosive end at the end of Season 6, starting the ground running in tonight’s intense season premiere. Claire Coffee (Adalind) spent some time talking with us at Comic Con in San Diego over the summer. On the new dynamic: “Alliances are shifting for sure.  I think the beginning of the season, it’s an incredibly tense, usually we take a season to work towards the insanity or that level of tension,

SDCC 2016: GRIMM’s Russell Hornsby previews Season 6

What comes next for GRIMM?  We sat down with Russell Hornsby at San Diego Comic Con round tables over the summer to ask just that, and get his take on what he’d like to see if the show were to end (we found out a few months later that it definitely is ending at the end of Season 6, premiering tonight with a great new episode). On Nick, Renard, and what that means for the show: “They didn’t end things

SDCC 2016: Sasha Roiz previews the beginning of the end of GRIMM

We’ve always known that Sasha Roiz’s Capt Renard had a dark side to him – as GRIMM has seen play out over the past 5 years, he was always able to rein it in, and stay on the good side.  That all changed when he got a taste of that Portland Mayoral power!  Season 6 starts tonight with an all new action-packed episode that finds our team pitted against their former-foe-turned-ally, and we spent some time chatting about that with

SDCC 2016: Talking GRIMM Season 6 with Bree Turner

Surprise!  Rosalee is pregnant! Bree Turner spent some time previewing how the revelation at the end of GRIMM’s 5th season will lead directly into Season 6, when we talked to her at round tables in San Diego for Comic Con. On the pregnancy revelation and bringing babies to GRIMM: “They like to do that to us – really great news in really dire times.  I can’t imagine the show will end without a little Fuchsbau/Blutbad baby on screen. It’s too