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From the Set: THE MIDDLE hits 200!

THE MIDDLE has quietly had one of the best runs of any comedy series of the modern era: always funny, always relatable, and one of my favorite shows on TV.  Now in their 9th and final season (Eden Sher promises “we decided it!”), the series has hit another milestone – 200(+) episodes. Episode 200, aptly named “The 200th,” celebrates Orson’s late achievement: they were selected as one of the top 200 cities in Indiana – number 200, to be exact!

CHICAGO PD Video: Marina Squerciati at One Chicago Day 2017

Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess, CHICAGO PD) joined us at One Chicago Day 2017 to talk all things Burgess, in addition to what is going on with her comedy series (hint: Kevin Hart is involved) and how being a new mom has changed her approach to the show.  Plus we really want to know – WHAT IS BURGESS’ BIG MISTAKE? Check it out!

One Chicago Day 2016: Laughing with Miranda Rae Mayo, Yuri Sardarov, and David Eigenberg, CHICAGO FIRE

One of the many joys of talking to the cast from the ONE CHICAGO series (in this case CHICAGO FIRE) is the genuine love they all seem to have for each other – the love they have for the show, their characters, their city. It’s always fun to be a part of that. When we were in Chicago, our first interview of the day was with Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella), Yuri Sardarov (Otis), and David Eigenberg (Herrmann). The three of

One Chicago Day 2016: CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta and Marlyne Barrett talk Season 2

At this year’s One Chicago Day extravaganza in October, we had the chance to speak with CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta (April) and Marlyne Barrett (Maggie) about what’s coming down the pike for their characters. April is dealing with her TB, her relationship with Tate, her brother, you name it, and Yaya previews what the season will hold, while Marlyne talked about deepening the personal lives of these characters as we’ve entered the stability of Season 2. Check out their back

One Chicago Day 2016: Previewing CHICAGO PD with Jesse Lee Soffer

As a part of the One Chicago Day celebration held on location in Chicago last month, we had the chance to sit down with Jesse Lee Soffer, CHICAGO PD’s Jay Halstead, to talk about what’s coming up on the show, hear a little bit more about what might happen as a result of cohabitation with Erin, and how Antonio’s departure impacts the team.  Added bonus: I might get story royalties for a suggestion I offer! Tonight’s all new episode (NBC,

One Chicago Day 2016: Insight on CHICAGO MED from Colin Donnell and Brian Tee

Today’s One Chicago Day video celebrates last season’s addition to the CHICAGO universe, CHICAGO MED, as we discussed stitches, parrots, PTSD, jam sessions, and the day to day lives of physicians with Drs. Rhodes and Choi (Colin Donnell and Brian Tee). These guys have a lot of fun bouncing off of each other in the video above, and here are some of the highlights of our in depth chat (Brian in green; Colin in blue): On what they enjoy about

One Chicago Day 2016: An intense Jason Beghe on CHICAGO PD

Jason Beghe joined us for a Q&A session as a part of NBC’s celebration for OneChicagoDay2016 and spent some time talking all things Voight.  Does he have someone to lean on now that Jason is gone?  How does he reconcile the fact that Voight is a murderer, telling others not to cross the line like him?  Is he as intense as Voight?  A really great chat with him, the full video for which I’ve included above!  Here are some highlights

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