One Chicago Day 2016: Laughing with Miranda Rae Mayo, Yuri Sardarov, and David Eigenberg, CHICAGO FIRE

One of the many joys of talking to the cast from the ONE CHICAGO series (in this case CHICAGO FIRE) is the genuine love they all seem to have for each other – the love they have for the show, their characters, their city. It’s always fun to be a part of that.

When we were in Chicago, our first interview of the day was with Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella), Yuri Sardarov (Otis), and David Eigenberg (Herrmann). The three of them gave us a look into the ups and downs of fire-fighting, the cold weather in Chicago (they even invited us back to experience the Chicago Winter), working together, learning from each other, and bringing JUSTICE into the Chicago Family, all while huddled up to save space at the Lagunitas picnic benches!

Check it out above! What do you say, these guys don’t like each other at all, do they?