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Bree Williamson Opens up about Her Lifetime Project MOMMY’S LITTLE BOY

Chicago Fire’s Bree Williamson enjoys playing flawed characters – take General Hospital’s Claudette.  In her upcoming Lifetime movie, Mommy’s Little Boy, she again sinks her teeth into the role of a damaged character.  In an interview with mytakeontv, Williamson opens up about her role and her career. mytakeontv (mtotv):  How did you prepare to play this role? Bree Williamson (BW):  I did pretty much the things I do for most roles – create a backstory for the character and try

Fiona Dourif talks ABC’s WHEN WE RISE

ABC’s inspirational miniseries WHEN WE RISE, written and created by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, “chronicles the real-life personal and political struggles, set-backs and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the US Civil Rights movement from its turbulent infancy in the 20th centruy to the once unfathomable successes of today.”  Fiona Dourif plays one of those pioneers, Diane Jones, founder of The Women’s Building, an


On IN BED WITH SIMON, airing Tuesday nights on FYI, Simon Marcel Badinter (the French romance expert who co-hosts “The Rendezvous” on iHeartRadio) pulls couples off the street and into his bed to chat about relationship and romance issues faced by singles and couples in today’s dating world. “Was it love at first sight?” he asks people. “Who is your hall pass?” is another question he’s tackled. After a career in radio that started with Simon picking up the phone

Kalama Epstein talks Noah, Jude, and THE FOSTERS

One of the highlights of THE FOSTERS over the seasons has been watching Jude grow up – and all the struggles that come with it.  We watched his first love with Connor fall apart when Connor left town. While it was hard for Jude, he seems to be recovering from that loss pretty well as his relationship with Noah (Kalama Epstein) grows deeper. The teenage boys are finding themselves, experimenting with recreational drugs, causing headaches for Jude’s moms Lena and

LEGION’s Amber Midthunder previews FX’s ambitious new series

I’ve already expressed my undying love for LEGION on FX, which premieres tonight at 10/9c. When presented with the opportunity to chat with series star Amber Midthunder about her mysterious character, Kerry, I jumped at the chance.  Having been mind-forked by the first few episodes, I was having trouble wrapping my head around just what to say about the show beyond “hey I love it,” so I took the chance to put it in her hands.  Asked what LEGION is,

Big RIVERDALE Casting News – Archie’s Mom is coming to town…

….and she has a VERY familiar face. Molly Ringwald (PRETTY IN PINK, SIXTEEN CANDLES, SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER, to name just a few) is joining the RIVERDALE cast in the recurring role of Mary Andrews. To Archie Comics fans, that’s certainly a familiar name: she’s none other than Archie’s mama! According to a description of her character Ringwald’s Mary “left Riverdale two years ago to follow her dreams,” and returns “to town in her family’s hour of need.

Miles Brown talks BLACK-ISH, family bonding, and Michael Jackson

Interviewing Miles Brown is always a highlight – the charming young actor (dancer/rapper/basketball player) is as excited to talk BLACK-ISH as he is to quiz me about Michael Jackson songs; he’s quick with a story and clearly loves his TV family like they were his own.  He’s come to think of them as his home away from home, telling me “It’s just really crazy because I feel that we’re just a big family that is going through a bunch of

One Chicago Day 2016: Laughing with Miranda Rae Mayo, Yuri Sardarov, and David Eigenberg, CHICAGO FIRE

One of the many joys of talking to the cast from the ONE CHICAGO series (in this case CHICAGO FIRE) is the genuine love they all seem to have for each other – the love they have for the show, their characters, their city. It’s always fun to be a part of that. When we were in Chicago, our first interview of the day was with Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella), Yuri Sardarov (Otis), and David Eigenberg (Herrmann). The three of

One Chicago Day 2016: CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta and Marlyne Barrett talk Season 2

At this year’s One Chicago Day extravaganza in October, we had the chance to speak with CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta (April) and Marlyne Barrett (Maggie) about what’s coming down the pike for their characters. April is dealing with her TB, her relationship with Tate, her brother, you name it, and Yaya previews what the season will hold, while Marlyne talked about deepening the personal lives of these characters as we’ve entered the stability of Season 2. Check out their back

One Chicago Day 2016: Previewing CHICAGO PD with Jesse Lee Soffer

As a part of the One Chicago Day celebration held on location in Chicago last month, we had the chance to sit down with Jesse Lee Soffer, CHICAGO PD’s Jay Halstead, to talk about what’s coming up on the show, hear a little bit more about what might happen as a result of cohabitation with Erin, and how Antonio’s departure impacts the team.  Added bonus: I might get story royalties for a suggestion I offer! Tonight’s all new episode (NBC,

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