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Previewing TNT’s CLAWS with Evan Daigle

Evan Daigle may not yet be a face you recognize – but the Louisiana native, who only realized in the past few years that his calling was to be an actor, turns in a great debut performance in TNT’s CLAWS. A newcomer working among small screen royalty in Dean Norris and Niecy Nash, Evan told me on a call this week to discuss his show, that “when people ask…what’s your favorite part of the experience, definitely 100% getting the opportunity

Sara Rue Talks Hallmark Channel’s ALL FOR LOVE

ALL FOR LOVE on Hallmark Channel (starring Steve Bacic, Teryl Rothery, and Sara Rue) premieres May 27 at 9/8c.  The movie follows a romance novelist (Rue) paired (by her publisher) with a Navy SEAL (Bacic) to research details for her new book. As she’s reluctantly works with him, she starts to have a change of heart. Cheryl had the chance to chat with Sara Rue about her character (Jo, “passionate about her work and…spending her time focusing on that as opposed to

Atticus Shaffer on THE MIDDLE’s “wonderful” Season Finale

Season 8 of THE MIDDLE comes to a fun ending tonight (worry not, it’s been renewed for S9) with an episode that shows the immediate aftermath of Axl being graduated, while Sue deals with a minor traffic incident and Brick’s long-gone lawn chair makes a surprise return. I got on the phone with Atticus Shaffer (Brick) late last week to preview the end of this season and he told me that he and his old buddy Lawn Chair, “pick back

Jasmin Savoy Brown on relating to THE LEFTOVERS and her upcoming series WILL

Jasmin Savoy Brown should look familiar as she’s steadily been popping in on some of TV’s biggest shows. Small parts on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, GREY’S ANATOMY, and GRIMM led to a longer stay on Freeform’s STITCHERS. Her most prominent role to date has been the fairly pivotal Evangeline ‘Evie’ Murphy on HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS. The third and final season started in April with (spoilers) the surprising death of her character as the show barrels on to what will likely be an

Sonya Walger previews THE CATCH season finale: “It’s very, very unexpected”

As season 2 of THE CATCH landed on ABC this spring, with a new focus on a lighter, more romantic-comedy quality, it didn’t let up on the danger and vengeance that ruled much of Season 1. Assassins, deaths, kidnapping, surprise daughters, surprise returns, you name it, Season 2 has had it, all the while pumping up the charm, humor, and energy. When I chatted with Sonya Walger (Margot) late last week to prepare for the finale, we looked back on

Thomas Barbusca Previews THE MICK’s S1 Finale

Tonight, the first season finale of my favorite new comedy of the season, THE MICK, airs at 8:30/7:30c. The episode promises to be another hilarious one, as FOX tells us, “The kids catch a pair of intruders trying to break into the Pemberton mansion; Mickey tries to protect the kids in a case of mistaken identity.” To celebrate the final episode of the year (and the fact that it’s not the final episode ever and we’ll see more of these

Ashley Scott Opens up with MyTakeOnTV about Her Latest Project, MANNY DEAREST

Ashley Scott and I shared a wonderful phone conversation about her latest Lifetime project, Manny Dearest.  She was refreshingly open and down to earth.  She also recognized straight away that I’m Southern, a trait we have in common. So, how are you? Things are good.  We just bought a house in Topanga Canyon, which is an interesting place to raise our kids.  We’re hiking in the mountains and checking out all the critters. Your bio says you have two children?

FAMOUS IN LOVE’s Niki Koss on binge-watching, directing, and giving back

Tonight on Freeform, after the final season premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ever, FAMOUS IN LOVE premieres.  Not only that; you’ll be able to watch the entire first season immediately, On Demand / on Freeform, as soon as your heart desires. The show follows an aspiring actress (Bella Thorne’s Paige) who is plucked from obscurity and cast in a starring roll that changes her life overnight. The series is based on the novel by Rebecca Serle and show-run by I

Charlie McDermott on directing THE MIDDLE and what comes next!

Over the past 8 seasons, we’ve gotten to watch Charlie McDermott play Axl Heck, under-achieving oldest child on THE MIDDLE, as he navigated the waters of growing up in a small town. Season 8 has found Axl applying himself (as Axl can) as he finishes his business degree and gets ready to enter the adult world. Behind the scenes, Charlie has taken on a new task as well, that of director, officially earning that title after taking his turn behind

Bree Williamson Opens up about Her Lifetime Project MOMMY’S LITTLE BOY

Chicago Fire’s Bree Williamson enjoys playing flawed characters – take General Hospital’s Claudette.  In her upcoming Lifetime movie, Mommy’s Little Boy, she again sinks her teeth into the role of a damaged character.  In an interview with mytakeontv, Williamson opens up about her role and her career. mytakeontv (mtotv):  How did you prepare to play this role? Bree Williamson (BW):  I did pretty much the things I do for most roles – create a backstory for the character and try

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