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Quick Take: THE GOOD PLACE on NBC: “Everything is Great!”

THE GOOD PLACE returns to NBC tonight for Season 2, with an episode titled “Everything is Great!” and though the character who utters the line in the show might not be telling the whole (slash any of the) truth – believe me when I tell you that everything, from the writing to the performances, to the tweaks made to the town in the wake of Michael’s epic failure, is truly great. Season 1 of THE GOOD PLACE ended with Eleanor

Talking THE GOOD PLACE S2 with Luke Guldan

At the end THE GOOD PLACE’s first season finale, which returns tonight for a special premiere after the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT finale (on NBC), the premise of the show (that found Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop “incorrectly” sent to the good place after she died) was blown to bits by the revelation that she was never in the good place, but was in the bad place the whole time.  Ted Danson’s Michael was a master manipulator and in the final moments


Already making positive strides to regain their Must-See-TV mantle with THE CARMICHAEL SHOW (S3 coming later this season) and SUPERSTORE (S2 returning later this week with hilarious new episodes), NBC’s latest effort is the absolutely hilarious and wholly original new comedy series THE GOOD PLACE, hailing from Mike Schur (who steered the PARKS AND REC ship), and starring the incomparable Ted Danson and Kristen Bell.

First Look: NBC releases trailers for their new Fall series

NBC released their 2016 Fall schedule today, and while most of their new shows will actually end up at midseason (or whenever something else fails, like the always ready to go #OneChicago spinoff CHICAGO JUSTICE). ┬áCheck out the first look trailers for Kristen Bell’s new comedy from Mike Schur, Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan(!!!)’s new time travel drama (I sense a theme this fall), and a trailer that has already made me cry. THE GOOD PLACE – From Michael Schur,