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pic mytakeontvCheryl is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having worked in public relations for Bon Jovi Productions, PolyGram Records, and Rogers & Cowan, Inc. (all in NYC). She has been published in “Sci-Fi Entertainment,” “Soap Opera Weekly,” and, most recently, as a contributing TV/film writer at suite101.com.  She was also a credited researcher for Denis Meikle’s book JOHNNY DEPP: A KIND OF ILLUSION. Besides her work as a columnist at MyTakeOnTV, Cheryl is the Hawaii Five-0 correspondent at The Celebrity Cafe (http://thecelebritycafe.com/columnists/Cheryl+Hollar). She is also enrolled in the UCLA Writers’ Extension Program and a member of the Hollywood Prayer Network.  Cheryl describes writing as her passion. She loves meeting new people and loves the entertainment industry! A pet lover, she says, “My pets are my babies.”

You can find Cheryl’s articles here and here are some additional examples:

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You can contact Cheryl directly: cheryl@mytakeontv.com

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  • Deryl Holliday,

    What a wonderful surprise to find out that are a writer. 🙂 So glad I asked what else you did. The Mentality is our favorite tv program. What a beautiful picture of you!

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