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THE BLACKLIST @ C2E2 2017 – Jon Bokenkamp, Amir Arison, & Susan Blommaert on what’s next

Over the weekend, a group of press met up with THE BLACKLIST stars Amir Arison and Susan Blommaert and their show’s creator Jon Bokenkamp at Chicago’s C2E2. Over the course of our long dive into the show, they gave us some insight into what comes next after last week’s (pretty amazing) Spring return that gave us reveal after reveal after reveal (after reveal, I mean, seriously…and “you must be Mr Kaplan?” COME ON!). Looking forward to the final Season 4 episodes,

WonderCon 2017: RIVERDALE’s cast and creative team previews the rest of S1

We sat down at round table interviews with the cast and creative team behind The CW’s hit series RIVERDALE to talk about, among many things, romance, murder mystery, parenting, plans for a second season, and the much-hyped return of a one Mrs Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald). Luke Perry and KJ Apa told us about how Mary will impact Fred and Archie; Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart previewed more Bughead, how their relationship might fare through the rest of the murder

SDCC 2016: Talking (and laughing) about THE EXPANSE with the cast and EPs

One of the surprising highlights out of San Diego Comic Con was the cast and crew behind Syfy’s THE EXPANSE – a dark “space opera” that follows a group of Solar System settlers, of all classes, as they come to unravel a huge conspiracy, all based on the novels by James SA Corey. We sat down for some great chats with the cast and crew – Thomas Jane (detective Josephus Miller), Shohreh Aghdashloo (the amazing Chrisjen Avasarala), Steven Strait (Jim Holden),

SDCC 2016: The folks from THE 100 give us the scoop

At San Diego Comic Con over the summer, we sat down at round tables with the cast of THE 100 (Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, and Chris Larkin) to discuss Season 4 while grilling creator Jason Rothenberg about where they go from here. Check out the playlist above – don’t forget that the incredible 4th season kicks off tonight at 9/8c on The CW!

SDCC 2016: Talking RIVERDALE with the cast and creative team

Over the summer at San Diego Comic Con, the My Take on TV team had the chance to sit down with the stars and creator behind The CW’s latest drama offering, RIVERDALE, which begins its first season at 9/8c tonight.  We sat down with the series creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and stars KJ Apa (Archie himself), Cole Sprouse (Jughead), Lili Meinhart and Camila Mendes (Betty & Veronica), Luke Perry (!!!! Fred, Archie’s dad), and Ashleigh Murray and Madelaine Petsch (Josie & Cheryl) about what

SDCC 2016: Previewing the end of GRIMM with Claire Coffee

GRIMM is coming to what I’m sure will be an explosive end at the end of Season 6, starting the ground running in tonight’s intense season premiere. Claire Coffee (Adalind) spent some time talking with us at Comic Con in San Diego over the summer. On the new dynamic: “Alliances are shifting for sure.  I think the beginning of the season, it’s an incredibly tense, usually we take a season to work towards the insanity or that level of tension,

SDCC 2016: GRIMM’s Russell Hornsby previews Season 6

What comes next for GRIMM?  We sat down with Russell Hornsby at San Diego Comic Con round tables over the summer to ask just that, and get his take on what he’d like to see if the show were to end (we found out a few months later that it definitely is ending at the end of Season 6, premiering tonight with a great new episode). On Nick, Renard, and what that means for the show: “They didn’t end things

SDCC 2016: Sasha Roiz previews the beginning of the end of GRIMM

We’ve always known that Sasha Roiz’s Capt Renard had a dark side to him – as GRIMM has seen play out over the past 5 years, he was always able to rein it in, and stay on the good side.  That all changed when he got a taste of that Portland Mayoral power!  Season 6 starts tonight with an all new action-packed episode that finds our team pitted against their former-foe-turned-ally, and we spent some time chatting about that with

SDCC 2016: Talking GRIMM Season 6 with Bree Turner

Surprise!  Rosalee is pregnant! Bree Turner spent some time previewing how the revelation at the end of GRIMM’s 5th season will lead directly into Season 6, when we talked to her at round tables in San Diego for Comic Con. On the pregnancy revelation and bringing babies to GRIMM: “They like to do that to us – really great news in really dire times.  I can’t imagine the show will end without a little Fuchsbau/Blutbad baby on screen. It’s too

SDCC 2016: Bitsie Tulloch looks back on GRIMM and previews what’s next

At Comic Con in San Diego over the summer, Bitsie Tulloch gave us the scoop on a (then hypothetical) final season of GRIMM, playing Eve, and what comes next. On embodying Eve vs Juliet: “Eve has been the hardest. I’m loud, I’m expressive, I’m warm, and Eve was cold, and calculating, and robotic…Norberto Barba was great about coaching me and it ended up being super fun.” On the romantic future: “Eve doesn’t need a man!  I now there’s a lot

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