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Chef Barbie Marshall previews her return to HELL’S KITCHEN

When Chef Barbie Marshall was a competitor on Season 12 of HELL’S KITCHEN, she got her black jacket but not the win.  She joked with people that if the show ever had an All Stars season, she’d do it, never expecting them to ACTUALLY have an All Stars season. Now, she’s back in the kitchen, ready to compete with other chefs from the show’s past (including a handful from her season, which made for an interesting competition), all of whom

HELL’S KITCHEN Interview: Get to know Chef Paulie Giganti

Today we wrap up our three part HELL’S KITCHEN interview series with local chef Paulie Giganti.  Our quick chat covered a wide range of topics including why he did the show, what it was like living with 17 strangers, and what he thinks about other people’s opinion of him (“People’s perception is their perception. I don’t give a s***”). Here are the highlights – On joining HELL’S KITCHEN:  “Honestly, the only reason I participated – my owner threw me into

Chef Aziza Young previews HELL’S KITCHEN Season 16

This Friday on FOX, HELL’s KITCHEN is kicking off Season 16 at 8/7c and from screening the first two episodes alone, the show is off to a crazy, intense start.  Chef Aziza Young is among the 18 competing to win the prize and she and I spent some time talking about her journey to the show and what her experience was like. The kitchen manager from Harrisburg, PA, told me, “I wanted to challenge myself,” when I asked her why

HELL’S KITCHEN Interview: Chef Johnny McDevitt previews Season 16

Every now and then, running My Take on TV takes me down a weird avenue that I never anticipated, which is how I came to get on the phone with Johnny McDevitt, one of the charismatic, no-nonsense chefs competing for the Season 16 prize on HELL’s KITCHEN. He’s not just another reality cooking show chef; Johnny happens to be someone I’ve known for two decades.