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WonderCon 2017: Kevin Alejandro previews LUCIFER’s return

At WonderCon 2017 early in April, we spent some time with fellow press at round tables to discuss what’s coming next for LUCIFER and “Detective Douche” when new episodes resume tonight at 9/8c.  Kevin Alejandro previewed what he wants to see for Dan, and how he and Tom sometimes improv their way through bro-scenes. On being heretofore known as “Detective Douche”: “That’s given the audience something to hold onto.  Don’t take it away if it’s not broken.” On wanting to see Dan

WonderCon 2017: Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson preview S2 (and S3) of LUCIFER

Two of MToT’s favorite showrunners/EPs are Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson from FOX’s LUCIFER.  Always excited to talk about their show, these two joined us in Anaheim at WonderCon 2017 to talk about the end of Season 2 and what we should expect from Season 3 and the 4 standalone episodes ordered by FOX.   Check out the video above for more, but here are some highlights: On the four standalones, Ildy says: The four episodes – they call them standalone

WonderCon 2017: LUCIFER’s Lesley-Ann Brandt on what’s next for Maze

While in Anaheim for WonderCon 2017, we had the chance to sit with Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen) to talk about the return of LUCIFER and what we can expect.  In the video above, she goes into detail about the rewards of playing this character, and how her relationship with Scarlett Estevez (Trixie) is off-screen, among a few other topics.  LUCIFER is back at 9/8c tonight – check out the above for a preview of why to tune in! On adding layers

WonderCon 2017: LUCIFER’s Rachael Harris talks Linda, God, and stunt doubles

In Anaheim earlier in April, MyTakeOnTV joined some of our press colleagues for round table interviews with the cast of LUCIFER at Wonder Con 2017.  Rachael Harris (Dr Linda) was full of excitement about what’s coming for the rest of Season 2, which resumes tonight on FOX at 9/8c. On learning Lucifer/Maze/Amenadiel’s secrets: “It was very symbolic that she was able to say “I’m going to accept this about you even though you have so much shame and want to

Tricia Helfer on Mom in LUCIFER S2: “There’s more to her agenda”

At the end of LUCIFER’s Season 2 premiere, after Luci spent the episode looking for dear old escaped-from-Hell Mummy, assuming she was sending him message after message about the havoc she intends to rain down on him, a battered Tricia Helfer crawled into his loft and collapsed in his arms. I spent some time with Tricia, talking about joining the show, working with this cast, and where Mom’s head might be.

SDCC 2016: Newest cast member Aimee Garcia previews LUCIFER Season 2

Over the summer at San Diego Comic Con, we had the chance to spend time talking to Aimee Garcia who is joining the cast of LUCIFER this summer with a quirky new character that will immediately confuse and surprise Ellis’ Luci. Aimee told us about joining the show, a great scene where she played with some improve in the premiere, and what it’s like working with this cast and crew. She’s a religious woman who works in the scientific field and Lucifer just cannot get a handle on figuring her out.

SDCC 2016: LUCIFER Showrunner Joe Henderson previews Mom in S2

LUCIFER’s showrunner Joe Henderson is one of our favorite people to talk to at events like San Diego Comic Con because he has a passion for the show, and an excitement for what LUCIFER will bring in S2 that is unrivaled. His excitement is infectious in the video from our round table as he talks about bringing Tricia Helfer’s Mom to the scene, how she’ll interact with the other characters, as well as bringing Dr Linda into the forefront a bit, what kind of romantic entanglements we might see this season, and above all, the Trixie of it.

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