WonderCon 2017: Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson preview S2 (and S3) of LUCIFER

Two of MToT’s favorite showrunners/EPs are Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson from FOX’s LUCIFER.  Always excited to talk about their show, these two joined us in Anaheim at WonderCon 2017 to talk about the end of Season 2 and what we should expect from Season 3 and the 4 standalone episodes ordered by FOX.


Check out the video above for more, but here are some highlights:

On the four standalones, Ildy says: The four episodes – they call them standalone episodes. they’re really not, in that they a move our characters quite deeper – for example, one episode focuses only on Maze, and we get to really understand what this poor demon who doesn’t have a soul – does she really have a soul? What does it mean to have a soul? And there are also little mythological nuggets that are in each one where somebody just throws out a line, and you go “what did you just say”?

Joe jumps in to add: “What does that mean? We know where we want those episodes to air in Season 3. What we did is we basically broke episodes that if they aired in S2, would set up stories in Season 3, or if they aired in Season 3, they would just more immediately set up the story. hopefully if you’re watching season 3, you’ll be going “was that a standalone or was that a regular episode?” They do fold in rather nicely. We knew no matter what…we wanted them to move the story forward. Personally, that’s what we watch the show for. That’s what I watch all of my shows for. What it allows us to do is play. We made an episode that’s a little darker and weirder. we made an episode that’s a little more fun. The Maze episode is like a Bond movie. It’s really cool. It’s both not our show at all and it’s totally our show. It’s sort of let us open up what the show is about.”

Did these new episodes impact the end of Season 2? Joe tells us, “Not at all. What’s nice, we were always building an 18 episode arc. They didn’t try to make us fat, they didn’t try to make us add 4 episodes in the middle. They ere like we love this arc, we’re really happy with where you are. have fun. they really encouraged us to go off format.”

On crossovers with the DC universe on TV: Joe says, “The thing about our show – we can kind of do anything. we have a little bit of a license to we don’t take our selves too seriously, i think if Batman did show up, I don’t know, maybe not so weird!”

LUCIFER starts with all new episodes tonight at 9/8c – definitely check it out!!