WonderCon 2017: LUCIFER’s Lesley-Ann Brandt on what’s next for Maze

While in Anaheim for WonderCon 2017, we had the chance to sit with Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen) to talk about the return of LUCIFER and what we can expect.  In the video above, she goes into detail about the rewards of playing this character, and how her relationship with Scarlett Estevez (Trixie) is off-screen, among a few other topics.  LUCIFER is back at 9/8c tonight – check out the above for a preview of why to tune in!

On adding layers to this character: “[It’s] very rewarding. I’ve been able to take a character that could very easily just be a bad ass and one note, and give her layers and points of view that maybe the audience didn’t really expect to see so much humanity come through this season, so that’s been really fun to explore.  I think the writers have just been very smart about giving her as many facets as possible and in that, making her really relatable – the friendship wth Linda is super relatable.  Women, two strong women, coming out as a demon, a lot of the people from the gay community were like, i’ve had the conversation, I can relate.”

On Maze and Chloe co-habitating: “I think they saw the chemistry with me and Scarlett, and obviously the antagonistic relationship with Chloe and that would be an interesting dynamic to throw in there.  I thought they were really clever about how they introduced it and where they’ve taken it.”

On Maze’s best trait: “Her loyalty to her friends or people that she cares about.  And I think that’s my most relatable trait, actually to her as Lesley-Ann.  You see that more and more with those relationships like Trixie and Chloe.”

On Maze handling Lucifer being gone: “I don’t think she’s really that happy that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but he’s done this before.  It hits Chloe more than anyone else because of the nature of their relationship and obviously what’s happened, the kiss.  I think she’s probably more annoyed that she doesn’t know what the big picture is, and that comes to a head in 217.”

On Amenadiel: “I think they’ll always be connected in the sense that she did take his virginity, but I think she’s not a girl who is hung up on one specific thing.  Maze, the thing that you’l find out about demons in our show -they have no soul, so they live in the moment and they go with the flow, and that’s very much what the character is. I think they’re always connected because of that, and at the end of that episode, he’s decided to stay and be a part of the team.”

On her relationship with “Trixie” off screen: “I love Scarlett so much.  We’ve had playdates with our dogs.  It’s tricky with her because she has to do school, so she’l finish a scene, and the rules are that she has to do 20 minutes of school, so she goes right to the tutor.  She always comes up and wants to feel the baby; i’ve told her to think of some names to help me.  I’ve always wondered how parents do that with kids in the business, but Sam, her mother, and her dad, they’ve done such an amazing job.  She’s the most normal, down to earth little girl, you’ll ever meet, and still very much a kid, and then come action, so professional and knows her lines. She’s definitely one of my faves; I love my Maze and Trixie scenes.”

LUCIFER is back tonight – you don’t want to miss the new episodes.  This show is so much fun and I’m so glad we’re getting S3 next season!