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SDCC 2017: The cast of THE FLASH talk Season 4!

Get ready for the 4th season premiere of THE FLASH tonight on The CW! I spent some time chatting with the cast of THE FLASH in San Diego for Comic Con. Watch the videos in the Playlist above and learn what Candice Patton, Jesse L Martin, Tom Cavanah, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Grant Gustin had to say about the aftermath of Season 3 and the lightness we might see in Season 4!  


When the MyTakeonTV team was down in San Diego for Comic Con over the summer, I had the chance to chat with the great cast of The CW’s DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW about what’s to come in Season 3, which premieres tonight with THE FLASH! We put together a great medley of answers about what to expect for everyone’s characters in the new season – Victor Garber, Dominic Purcell, Brandon Routh, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Franz Drameh, and Caity Lotz

SDCC 2017: New addition Odette Annable on bringing Reign to SUPERGIRL

I had the chance to chat with the cast of The CW’s SUPERGIRL, which kicks off S3 tonight.  Odette Annable is new to the cast this year as she brings DC Comics’ Reign to SUPERGIRL.  While she couldn’t say much, she did give us some scoop into what is coming for her in the new show and a bit about being a part of the series! Check out the video above for some more scoop and don’t forget to check

SDCC 2017: Chris Wood on SUPERGIRL S3

I had the chance to chat with the cast of The CW’s SUPERGIRL, which kicks off S3 tonight.  Chris Wood talked to us about the direction of where S2 ended – and what he knew when he signed on.  He also previewed what he didn’t know, about what comes after, and what his involvement might be in Season 3.  He didn’t give us much, but he talked about the character and what his return might bring to the show. Check

SDCC 2017: Quick chat with Melissa Benoist about SUPERGIRL S3

I had the chance to chat with the cast of The CW’s SUPERGIRL, which kicks off S3 tonight.  While in San Diego, Melissa Benoist gave us a look back at the fight that she felt Kara deserved plus a look at what’s to come (hint: sounds like some sisterly couch talks are coming).  Check out the video above for some more scoop and don’t forget to check out the premiere tonight!

Previewing FOX’s GHOSTED with Linc Hand

Supernatural comedy series GHOSTED, starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as a believer and skeptic, respectively, premieres on FOX Sunday night at 8:30/7:30c. When the “James Bond of the underground government agency that deals with paranormal activity,” agent Kurt Checker, goes missing, he names Scott and Robinson’s Max and Leroy as his saviors, drawing the characters into a world they never expected. I had the chance to chat with Checker himself, actor Linc Hand, about what’s coming up on FOX’s

Chef Barbie Marshall previews her return to HELL’S KITCHEN

When Chef Barbie Marshall was a competitor on Season 12 of HELL’S KITCHEN, she got her black jacket but not the win.  She joked with people that if the show ever had an All Stars season, she’d do it, never expecting them to ACTUALLY have an All Stars season. Now, she’s back in the kitchen, ready to compete with other chefs from the show’s past (including a handful from her season, which made for an interesting competition), all of whom

KEVIN CAN WAIT: Mary-Charles Jones previews a Season 2 of change

Season 2 of KEVIN CAN WAIT kicks off tonight on CBS with a time jump and a new series regular (S1 guest star Leah Remini is back). To celebrate kicking off Season 2, I spent some time chatting with series star Mary-Charles Jones about what’s coming for Sara now that Kevin has to parent this teenager alone! It’s got to be exciting; you never know when you sign on for something that it’s going to take off whether people are

Talking THE GOOD PLACE S2 with Luke Guldan

At the end THE GOOD PLACE’s first season finale, which returns tonight for a special premiere after the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT finale (on NBC), the premise of the show (that found Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop “incorrectly” sent to the good place after she died) was blown to bits by the revelation that she was never in the good place, but was in the bad place the whole time.  Ted Danson’s Michael was a master manipulator and in the final moments

Megan Stevenson on GET SHORTY, acting, and what comes next

EPIX’s recently renewed GET SHORTY follows Chris O’Dowd’s Miles Daly, a bruiser for a Nevada crime ring who travels to LA to give Hollywood a shot after stealing a script from an aspiring screenwriter who owed a debt. Along the way, he meets up with Ray Romano’s Rick Moreweather, a producer he wants to help him make the movie. Megan Stevenson plays April Quinn, Rick’s former assistant who has climbed the ranks to studio exec.  She gets involved in the

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