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Quick Take: MACGYVER on CBS

Tonight on CBS, Mac is back as an Angus MacGyver for this generation joins the Friday night action lineup in MACGYVER.  Lucas Till plays Mac, with best friend Jack Dalton in tow (George Eades).  After the death of his girlfriend and colleague (Nikki, another familiar name [and face – Tracy Spiridakos]), Mac has to bring down those responsible. Before seeing the pilot, I thought we didn’t need a new MACGYVER. After seeing it, I’m still convinced we don’t need a

First Look: CBS New Series Trailers for 2016/2017

CBS announced their new fall schedule yesterday and with their announcement, released the trailers for their new shows (except for DOUBT for some reason which I’ve come to learn stars Dule Hill, and I’m there for that all day).  Take a look – what piques your interest? KEVIN CAN WAIT (Kevin James is a retired dad who fills his day with guy-time; then his daughter moves home with her nebbish fiance.  Erinn Hayes plays his put-upon wife) – PURE GENIUS