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Talking comedy, THE GREAT INDOORS, and Shakespeare with Shaun Brown

Tonight on CBS, Joel McHale and Stephen Fry return to TV in CBS’ THE GREAT INDOORS, a show following McHale’s Jack, an adventure journalist who faces a digital takeover of his outdoor-lifestyle magazine, and a workforce full of millennials. Shaun Brown plays Mason, one of those millennials who is excited about Jack returning to roost, hoping he can learn something from this great adventurer. “They’ve [Millennial characters] have never been to the wild, they’ve never roughed it, at all,” Shaun

First Look: CBS New Series Trailers for 2016/2017

CBS announced their new fall schedule yesterday and with their announcement, released the trailers for their new shows (except for DOUBT for some reason which I’ve come to learn stars Dule Hill, and I’m there for that all day).  Take a look – what piques your interest? KEVIN CAN WAIT (Kevin James is a retired dad who fills his day with guy-time; then his daughter moves home with her nebbish fiance.  Erinn Hayes plays his put-upon wife) – PURE GENIUS