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Cheryl’s Take: CBS has the most new shows hitting this Fall!

Let’s be honest. I’m more a fan of drama than comedy. That being said, it’s time I checked to see what the networks have planned for us, the unsuspecting viewers, for the upcoming 2017-18 season. I want to look at some of these shows in a short series of articles. Here’s a quick peek at new dramas CBS has lined up. The story of “Seal Team” (Wednesdays, 9/8c) is exactly as its name suggests. The series follows the elite military

First Look: CBS New Series Trailers for 2016/2017

CBS announced their new fall schedule yesterday and with their announcement, released the trailers for their new shows (except for DOUBT for some reason which I’ve come to learn stars Dule Hill, and I’m there for that all day).  Take a look – what piques your interest? KEVIN CAN WAIT (Kevin James is a retired dad who fills his day with guy-time; then his daughter moves home with her nebbish fiance.  Erinn Hayes plays his put-upon wife) – PURE GENIUS

Know When to Hold’em: The Best Gambling Scenes to Appear on TV

There’s something about a good gambling scene that really grips the attention. In the truly great scenes giant egos, luck and skill come together to create a truly epic encounter, shaping the fate of participants outside the grotty gambling dens where such transactions are concluded. In this article we’ll take a look at the finest gambling scenes ever scripted for TV – they may not be the most realistic, but why let that get in the way of a good