First Look: CBS New Series Trailers for 2016/2017

CBS announced their new fall schedule yesterday and with their announcement, released the trailers for their new shows (except for DOUBT for some reason which I’ve come to learn stars Dule Hill, and I’m there for that all day).  Take a look – what piques your interest?

KEVIN CAN WAIT (Kevin James is a retired dad who fills his day with guy-time; then his daughter moves home with her nebbish fiance.  Erinn Hayes plays his put-upon wife) –

PURE GENIUS (Augustus Prew is the Walter O’Brien of this SCORPION in a hospital type show – using genius to solve medical crises, with Dermot Mulroney as his Cabe; Reshma Shetty and Odette Annable also star) –

TRAINING DAY (based on the Denzel Washington / Ethan Hawke movie. Bill Paxton is a renegade cop and his new partner doesn’t look like he’ll survive his first day. The new partner, played by Justin Cornwell, plans to “train” Paxton’s outlaw) –

BULL (this one is inspired by the early life of Dr Phil McGraw (yes, that Dr Phil). Michael Weatherly plays Dr Bull, a brilliant people-reader who has an incredible ability to learn what makes juries and accused criminals tick) –

MACGYVER (I don’t know that you need a description other than this is an origin story for the character made famous originally by Richard Dean Anderson. Pilot was written by someone; 2nd person took it over was let go over creative differences; most of the cast from the pilot was jettisoned…but the explosions are cool….) –

MAN WITH A PLAN (Matt LeBlanc, at his salt and pepper best, is a man who suddenly has to “babysit” his own kids when his wife (Jenna Fischer here, but being replaced for air) goes back to work) –

THE GREAT INDOORS (Joel McHale is the out of touch Gen Xer who comes back to the magazine he created and faces challenges from some (heinous) millenials) –

And for good measure, a STAR TREK teaser –