Quick Take: MACGYVER on CBS

108607_0251bTonight on CBS, Mac is back as an Angus MacGyver for this generation joins the Friday night action lineup in MACGYVER.  Lucas Till plays Mac, with best friend Jack Dalton in tow (George Eades).  After the death of his girlfriend and colleague (Nikki, another familiar name [and face – Tracy Spiridakos]), Mac has to bring down those responsible.

Before seeing the pilot, I thought we didn’t need a new MACGYVER. After seeing it, I’m still convinced we don’t need a new MACGYVER but it’s better than I expected. Till is engaging, it’s always great seeing Sandrine Holt (taking on the boss role of Thornton), Justin Hires is still a good find (transplanted from RUSH HOUSE), plus Vinnie Jones guest stars!

Predictable but fast-paced, this could surprise us and last 7+ years like other Peter Lenkov remake-hit HAWAII FIVE-0.