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Re-Take: What happened on CHICAGO MED last season?

CHICAGO MED premieres tonight at 10/9c with a gripping new episode – you can find the videos from our interviews with cast on YouTube (Drs. Halstead & Manning, Drs. Rhodes & Bekker, Drs. Charles & Reese, Mrs Goodwin & Maggie).  Let’s look back, though, at what you may have missed last season! When we last saw the CHICAGO MED team, everyone was in a transition. Robin was correctly diagnosed and cured from her neurological nightmare. She and Connor can move

ONCE UPON A TIME’s Mekia Cox on Tiana, Sabine, and playing CHICAGO MED’s Robin

Mekia Cox has been busy this year – joining ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME as iconic Disney Princess Tiana (and her Hyperion Heights counterpart, Sabine) and gearing up for a rough go of it as CHICAGO MED’s Robin (Season 3 premieres 11/21). Adding to her busy Chicago to Vancouver schedule, not one but two production companies that produce musical performances on multiple nights in multiple cities, and Mekia is living a “when it rains, it pours” kind of life! I

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Lose Yourself”

Name of the Episode: “Lose Yourself” AirDate: Thursday, March 2 April has 21 more weeks until her due date and won’t tell Maggie what the sex of the baby is. Maggie keeps going through the alphabet trying to get April to slip up. Sharon gives Connor heads up of a trauma patient that will be the focus of the press. Justin Pepper, a window washer, fell when his platform gave out. He fell 43 stories and has somehow survived the

After-Take: One Chicago Crossover 3/1

Names of the Episodes: CHICAGO FIRE “Death Trap” / CHICAGO PD “Emotional Proximity” / CHICAGO JUSTICE “Fake” AirDate: Wednesday, March 1 HOUR ONE Firehouse 51 is reunited and back on the city’s night calls. Connie has just left for vacation, so her temp is Marcy, a bright eyed young girl unaware of what this house has seen. The trucks pull up to a blazing warehouse fire, much like the fire that just happened in Oakland. One door is opened as

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Cold Front”

Name of the Episode: “Cold Front” AirDate: Thursday, February 23 A major storm comes to Chicago which requires the assistance of firehouse 51. There are at least twelve vehicles involved in a pre-dawn collision. One vehicle bursts into flames and the driver is quickly pulled out and extinguished. Jeff is looking through a few cars looking for more victims and sees blood in the snow. The blood trail leads to a pregnant woman passed out near some trees. At the

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Graveyard Shift”

Name of the Episode: “Graveyard Shift” The episode starts with Dr. Choi and the other nurses trying to revive a young man shot in a drive by. They are unsuccessful in their attempts and have to call the time of death. Upstairs, Sharon and Dr. Choi discuss a potential patient with major confidentiality issues. Natalie unfortunately jinxed Halstead’s second shift by wishing him an easy night. Three teenagers come in with an extreme reaction to drugs. Dr. Latham speaks to

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Heart Matters”

Name of the Episode: “Heart Matters” Before their shift starts Jeff tries to ask out Natalie for dinner. She declines because she has many items on her plate. As they’re entering the hospital, several ambulances pull up with patients. Officer Kate Windham was out getting the mail at her home when her car rolled out of gear. It was a freak accident and has left her with no blood flow to the brain. Kate looks to be brain dead because

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Uncharted Territory”

Name of the Episode: “Uncharted Territory” Tate and April are working on remodeling their home; they also set their wedding date. April is trying to stay busy to not worry about her treatments and the results with her pregnancy. An MMA fight brings both of the fighters into Med for extreme injuries. Although each of the men try to downplay their injuries as they’re evaluated. Sharon asks Dr. Charles to evaluate a patient, Megan Scott to be put on the

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Free Will”

Name of the Episode: “Free Will” Reese and Ethan searched all night looking for Danny with no luck. Ethan convinces Reese to stop the search and continue that night. Natalie convinces herself she’s happy for Will that he’s moved in with Nina. The newly minted couple is throwing a party to celebrate their milestone. April receives news that her tuberculosis has come back. Noah also delivers the news that she is also pregnant! April is in shock and can’t comprehend

One Chicago Day 2016: CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta and Marlyne Barrett talk Season 2

At this year’s One Chicago Day extravaganza in October, we had the chance to speak with CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta (April) and Marlyne Barrett (Maggie) about what’s coming down the pike for their characters. April is dealing with her TB, her relationship with Tate, her brother, you name it, and Yaya previews what the season will hold, while Marlyne talked about deepening the personal lives of these characters as we’ve entered the stability of Season 2. Check out their back

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