After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Lose Yourself”

CHICAGO MED — “Lose Yourself” Episode 216 — Pictured: Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Lose Yourself”

AirDate: Thursday, March 2

April has 21 more weeks until her due date and won’t tell Maggie what the sex of the baby is. Maggie keeps going through the alphabet trying to get April to slip up. Sharon gives Connor heads up of a trauma patient that will be the focus of the press. Justin Pepper, a window washer, fell when his platform gave out. He fell 43 stories and has somehow survived the fall. Wheeler seems to have passed his stages of anxiety and is thriving in the moment. Justin survives the basic x-rays and initial prep work and moves up to the surgery room. Outside, the press is stationed outside waiting on any information, a story like this will be the lead story whether or not Justin survives.

In the waiting room, April notices a young woman patiently waiting to be seen. The woman’s name is Melody, a law associate working vigorous hours. April takes the time to address her symptoms and asks her to wait a little longer, Melody might be in for more than a simple flu. Outside getting coffee Ethan and Natalie help a woman who doesn’t know what’s ailing her husband. Her husband is a paraplegic with a high fever and weak pulse, they wheel him inside for immediate assistance. Only to have a super hero carrying an elderly woman come in right behind them. The woman had fallen and seemed to have signs of a stroke. After the superhero, had done his good deed, he fainted outside the room. Never a dull moment in the emergency room.

Justin survived his surgery and his parents are worried, but still hold some hope for their son’s recovery. After speaking with his Justin’s parents, Connor begins to field calls from the press. After he hangs up, Sharon introduces him to Evelyn, the public relations specialist for the hospital. In another room, Melody is being seen by April and Will. Although she lives a healthy lifestyle, her heart is beating very poorly, which is unusual for a young woman. One moment she is hearing the news and responsive, the next, she flatlines on the table. She is brought back by the defibrillator but had she gone home, help wouldn’t have come in time. Nick is awake and responsive with his wife Julia by his side. The doctors will run additional blood and urine tests to see what kind of virus made him so sick.

Upstairs, Connor suggests Justin go through a cranial surgery to relieve the pressure in his head. Connor remains confident with each step, hoping Justin’s percentage of survival goes up. Reese goes into a room to meet with Edward, the masked superhero. His suit was cut off so he could be examined and he goes into a panic hearing it’s now destroyed. Reese gets Edward to breathe easy and goes to Dr. Charles for additional advice. He suggests finding out the origin of the costume’s existence will give Reese the knowledge to help. Ethan and Natalie continue to asses Nick’s conditions to no avail. However, he may have felt some sort of feeling in his pelvis, which being paraplegic is interesting. Upstairs, April goes in for another baby check-up. Sadly, the technician cannot find a heartbeat and immediately suggest April get the fetus removed.

April cannot process the news and just wants to get to work to distract herself. She is still worried about Melody’s condition and promises she’ll take care of her situation by the next day. Melody has an infection in her heart, and has machines helping her until a room upstairs opens up. She will need to undergo surgery, but in the meantime, asks April to stay with her, so she’s not alone. Reese speaks with Edward and finds out his wife Rachel passed away from Ovarian cancer last year. He felt so helpless that he could’ve save his wife. So, when his suit came in the mail, he felt stronger, like he could be useful to someone.

Outside, Connor is pressured by the reporters outside and he gave a positive statement. Sharon is frustrated because all press matters should go through her or Evelyn. In the trauma room the medication Melody is being given isn’t working as quickly as planned. Last resort would be a heart transplant, however Will wants to do a simple infusion first. Dr. Charles doesn’t see Edward as being any threat to himself or others and wants to release him. Reese hatches a plan to make Edward see he doesn’t need the suit to be a hero. She works with Maggie and sets up a fake patient scare to help Edward gain confidence in himself. Ethan and Natalie see Nick’s infection as gained from a water source. They also find an abscess that didn’t come from his body and they confront Nick about it. Him and Julia have been traveling to Mexico to get stem cell treatments so he will regain his ability to walk. Natalie tries to argue the bacteria likely came from the treatment and it’s not safe. However, they now know the diagnosis and keep moving forward.

In Justin’s room, his parents are keeping a watchful eye on him, when his machines start to alarm. Connor has to manually do CPR because the electrical machines cannot be used. Justin regains his heartbeat, but Connor now sees the importance of not speaking directly to the press about his patients. After the resuscitation, Justin’s parents don’t want him to be brought back again if his heart fails. For them, it’s too violent to see their son put through so much trauma to be kept alive, if he won’t even have a good life to come back to. Thankfully Melody’s infusion seems to be working, her body is fighting back and her heart is working easier. In another room, Justin’s heart fails for the last time as his parents cradle his body. Nick’s bacteria is taken out and feels so much better. Natalie and Ethan try once more to persuade Nick of the risks if he keeps getting the injections he is endangering his life for something that most likely won’t work. Nick wants to keep trying because of his love for his wife, he wants her to have the life she deserves.

At the end of the episode, Reese admits to Edward the patient situation was staged. She instead offers him a hospital volunteer vest; people will see the vest and know he’s there to help, it won’t be as flashy as his cape, but it will have the same effect. Maggie accidently sees April’s scheduled appointment to deliver the unborn fetus and can only console her, there are no words. Connor walks by all the television vans and hangs his head in disappointment. After the procedure is finished, April is in recovery and Tate comes to see her.

Next week, a coma patient is assaulted and doctors find out she’s pregnant. Her parents need to decide whose life will become a priority when her situation changes. Find out next week when the drama unfolds!