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After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Inherent Bias”

Name of the Episode: “Inherent Bias” April finally realizes how much Tate cares for her and says yes to his marriage proposal. He pulls out a gorgeous engagement ring for April. At the emergency room, a man comes into the emergency room having difficulty breathing on his own. Between breaths, he asks for Sharon McGee; Maggie realizes that’s Goodwin’s maiden name. Reggie Dixon and Sharon grew up in the same neighborhood growing up. He was never married, and clearly has

One Chicago Day 2016: Insight on CHICAGO MED from Colin Donnell and Brian Tee

Today’s One Chicago Day video celebrates last season’s addition to the CHICAGO universe, CHICAGO MED, as we discussed stitches, parrots, PTSD, jam sessions, and the day to day lives of physicians with Drs. Rhodes and Choi (Colin Donnell and Brian Tee). These guys have a lot of fun bouncing off of each other in the video above, and here are some of the highlights of our in depth chat (Brian in green; Colin in blue): On what they enjoy about

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Alternative Medicine”

Name of the Episode: “Alternative Medicine” Joey is trying to tell Reese a fun story from the lab, but she is distracted. She believes someone is following her, but Joey reassures her it is because she’s a first year psych resident. At the hospital, Haley, Natalie’s young cancer patient, comes in with possible liver failure. The hospital is over crowded as the doctors are assisting everyone in a timely matter. Meanwhile upstairs, Dr. Latham wants to put a patient back

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Brother’s Keeper”

Name of the Episode: “Brother’s Keeper” Natalie and Jeff’s relationship is still strong and still secretive. Until Will breaks it to Natalie, that everyone already knows about their relationship. Natalie is happy to pop Will’s bubble that everyone knows about him and Nina, the pathology doctor. Love is in the air at Chicago Med. The thought of love quickly goes to the back of everyone’s mind when patients begin to come in. Natalie and Will notice a pattern with a

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Natural History”

Name of the Episode: “Natural History” Maggie invites Will out to her family reunion, she is shocked to see her sister Denise. Maggie hopes their brief time together will be fruitful. It’s a busy Saturday at Med, but back at the reunion, Denise crashes her car. She climbs out of the car saying she cannot see anything. Once at the hospital, Denise is insistent to get back to Dallas quickly; Will and Maggie want to run more tests to ensure

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Win Loss”

Name of the Episode: “Win Loss: Tonight’s episode wastes no time in showing Natalie and Jeff spent the night together after grabbing drinks at Molly’s. Natalie has to leave to pick up Owen and get ready for her shift. They leave on good terms and go their separate ways. Ethan is a mentor to a young man leaving for war in the next few months. Joey is feeling a little uncomfortable now that Reese is doing her residency with Dr.

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Soul Care”

Name of the Episode: Soul Care At the end of the freshman season, the doctors of Chicago Med showed a completely new side to the city. Seems like everyone is trying to settle into their new roles a the hospital, or for Reese, a normal civilian life. She declined her position because she wanted to be in the emergency room; she is now working as a barista at a local coffee shop. Dr. Choi is the Chief Resident, Dr. Rhodes

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Timing”

Name of the Episode: “Timing” Beware – spoilers! Reese has reached her graduation day, but her mom will not be attending. So Joey takes it upon himself to make sure she celebrates. Natalie expresses to Maggie she isn’t used to not having her wedding ring anymore. She knows it was the right time to stop wearing it. She is pulled away to treat a six-month-old baby who is suffering a fever and diarrhea. Maggie gets a call about Dr. Downey

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Withdrawal”

Name of the Episode: “Withdrawal” Beware – spoilers! Vicky is packing for her two months trip to Bethesda for a conference. Ethan doesn’t want her to go, but he now has a little company with the parrot he’s adopted from his last ambulance call. At the hospital, Will tells Natalie he has been offered a job in California. He hasn’t made a decision yet, but he has a slim chance to still stay at Med. As he’s discussing his plan,

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Disorder”

Name of the Episode: “Disorder” Beware – spoilers! It’s business as usual at Chicago Med, until they see a surprise visit from Jayco. It’s their joint company supervisors. Sharon encourages everyone to stick to protocols and do it with big smiles. She looks to Ethan for some military grade guidelines, but he is going on a resident ride along. He will miss the visit, but Will is already eagerly meeting the supervisors. Roman and the paramedics come in with a

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