After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Free Will”

CHICAGO MED -- "Free Will" Episode 208 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead, Roland Buck III as Noah Sexton -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

CHICAGO MED — “Free Will” Episode 208 — Pictured: (l-r) Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead, Roland Buck III as Noah Sexton — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Free Will”

Reese and Ethan searched all night looking for Danny with no luck. Ethan convinces Reese to stop the search and continue that night. Natalie convinces herself she’s happy for Will that he’s moved in with Nina. The newly minted couple is throwing a party to celebrate their milestone. April receives news that her tuberculosis has come back. Noah also delivers the news that she is also pregnant! April is in shock and can’t comprehend how these two prognoses could happen at the same time. Dr. Charles is worried about his daughter Robin surrounding herself with someone like Connor.

With each of them having many family problems, it may cause unnecessary stress for her. Will believes April’s TB meds made her birth control weaker; and it may have made her immune system more vulnerable. No one could have predicted these series of events. A patient named Jim Vance comes in with persistent kidney issues; however, Natalie shows her disagreement in front of him while talking with Will. On the floor Clarke’s former patient Karina comes in with heart complications.

eanwhile in another room, an argument is heard all across the nurse’s stations. Jim knows his brother Ian would be a perfect kidney match; but the donation cannot be made. Ian has HIV, and his brother does not know because Jim is extremely homophobic. April tells Tate about the pregnancy, and he is thrilled with the news. Robin tries to ask Connor out for drinks, but he declines because her father will not approve. Karina will need heart surgery but her mother wants more options before moving forward.

Robin is frustrated with her father and asks that he stay out of her personal life. In the trauma room, Jim goes into cardiac arrest as his brother can only watch in horror. Detective Lindsay comes by the hospital and has to tell Reese that Danny has been found, dead. Lindsay takes Reese to the morgue and identifies the body. First impression seems to be that Danny was beaten to death, but they will know more after the autopsy.

Will and Noah have to tell April her new TB treatment may cause damage to the fetus. Will draws up the order and her first treatment will begin later that day. Ian tells his brother about his HIV, and Jim decides to move forward with the transplant despite the huge risks. Natalie suggests drawing up paper work to avoid getting their licenses revoked. Will does not want to sign off on the procedure, so Natalie moves on alone. Dr. Charles tries to encourage Reese that she made the right decisions, but the wrong outcome happened. She did not make any wrong decisions regarding Danny’s life.

After more tests done for Karina, her mother decides it’s in her best interest to have the surgery done. Upstairs, April refuses to take her new medication; Will tries to give her all the options. Ultimately, if she does not take the medicine, there is a good chance April and the baby could die. Natalie still cannot find anyone to approve the kidney transplant; and she now has to deliver the bad news. Will changes his mind, and decides to help enact some choices for Jim. Ian would have to inject his brother with HIV positive blood, and then the transfer would be legal. After Karina’s surgery, Connor finds Robin and agrees to meet for drinks.

At the end of the episode, everyone gathers at the house party for Nina and Will. Both Natalie and Will feel confident about their choices and they realize giving their patient a choice and a chance was the best for all involved. At the hospital, April decides to begin her new treatment despite the fetus risks.

Chicago Med will return Thursday January 5 with more groundbreaking episodes. Dr. Charles will have to decide whether a young female patient will be the recipient of a heart transplant, or possibly denying her a chance to live. Join us after the winter hiatus for more after takes!