After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Graveyard Shift”

CHICAGO MED — “Graveyard Shift” Episode 211 — Pictured: Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Graveyard Shift”

The episode starts with Dr. Choi and the other nurses trying to revive a young man shot in a drive by. They are unsuccessful in their attempts and have to call the time of death. Upstairs, Sharon and Dr. Choi discuss a potential patient with major confidentiality issues. Natalie unfortunately jinxed Halstead’s second shift by wishing him an easy night. Three teenagers come in with an extreme reaction to drugs. Dr. Latham speaks to Dr. Charles about his social awkwardness and possible conditions. They both agree that

Aspersers is a possible condition Dr. Latham is suffering from. Dr. Charles encourages him to do more research on the matter. However, Dr. Latham seems relieved by the diagnosis, knowing people treated him differently through his life.

Dr. Rhodes is called in from his date with Robin to perform the top-secret procedure. He is greeted by various dignitaries including Mr. Shay from the Chinese Embassy. The patient is Sue Lynn a V.I.P. indeed. She is a very important PANDA! Rhodes is very confused by the circumstances to save the animal. Sharon says this public relations event will be very good for donations to save human lives. Robin doesn’t mind staying the rest of the evening to see the panda.

April is called back in to take another shift because they are short staffed. However, Tate is still worried about April working so much. Even though she’s taking good care of herself, he is frustrated they keep having the same conversation, and she won’t listen. Sue Lynn is in her surgery, and the procedure is done like human. One of the doctor’s, Jason is feeling frustrated by the grim prognosis of his drug patients. However, it becomes more when he cannot properly perform his procedures. Halstead smells alcohol on Jason’s breath and orders him to sober up.

Robin takes a coffee break with Dr. Charles and reminisces about her childhood. They have a moment where they connect on a level they haven’t been for a while.

Dr. Reese helps Dr. Latham understand the social awkwardness between the nurses, while on shift. With the incident behind him, Dr. Latham goes to Dr. Charles to express his extreme interest to start therapy sessions. He is tired of living in a world he does not understand. After his first electrotherapy session, Dr. Latham sees a change in his ability to notice subtle social cues. Sue Lynn is still recovering from her procedure; no official result can be seen. Dr. Reese has to verify a death of her patient she was watching earlier in the night. She is devastated and can’t help but to feel like a fraud. She agrees to do a psycho-evaluation to see what it’s like being on the patient’s side.

Sue Lynn has been saved, and a press conference is done to say the good news. Although it was a bad day for humans, the panda bear was saved!

Chicago Med will return in a couple weeks with a dangerous patient coming in. The surgery could not only kill the patient, but also the doctors working on him. Stay tuned for another after take!