One Chicago Day 2016: CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta and Marlyne Barrett talk Season 2

At this year’s One Chicago Day extravaganza in October, we had the chance to speak with CHICAGO MED’s Yaya DaCosta (April) and Marlyne Barrett (Maggie) about what’s coming down the pike for their characters.

April is dealing with her TB, her relationship with Tate, her brother, you name it, and Yaya previews what the season will hold, while Marlyne talked about deepening the personal lives of these characters as we’ve entered the stability of Season 2.

Check out their back and forth in the video above and tell us – are you watching CHICAGO MED this year?  Are you liking the exploration of these characters’ lives?

Episode 8 of CHICAGO MED airs tonight at 9/8c on NBC with an episode called “Free Will” that finds Halstead and Manning deal with two feuding brothers, one of which is in dire need of a kidney; a patient of Dr. Reese’s comes to a crossroad; a 16-year-old with a genetic condition needs surgery, but the overprotective mother gets in the way.