After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Uncharted Territory”

CHICAGO MED — “Uncharted Territory” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Deron J. Powell as Tate Jenkins, Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Uncharted Territory”

Tate and April are working on remodeling their home; they also set their wedding date. April is trying to stay busy to not worry about her treatments and the results with her pregnancy. An MMA fight brings both of the fighters into Med for extreme injuries. Although each of the men try to downplay their injuries as they’re evaluated. Sharon asks Dr. Charles to evaluate a patient, Megan Scott to be put on the transplant list. She has been sober for three years and he doesn’t want to compromise her progress. Dr. Stoll is back from sabbatical, he’s described and seen as a socially awkward troll.

There is lots of tension between the fighter’s coaches; the fighters have rooms next to one another. April is finally back to work and sees the department in full swing. The Arab fighter, Cyrus is transported upstairs because of his brain swelling from the gruesome match. Cyrus comes out of surgery, but the brain bled too much to prevent his vegetative coma state. It’s not likely Cyrus will ever come out of his coma; but his family holds some hope.

Jeff admits to Natalie that in the past he wanted her as his wife instead of Lisa. That’s why Jeff didn’t want to hang out with them before he passed. Natalie is furious that she let herself become so involved with Jeff while he kept this secret. April and Tate go into their ultrasound appointment and the technician is concerned with the growth of the baby. They begin to worry about her TB treatment affecting the baby’s growth and defects. Tate considers terminating the pregnancy, while April is adamant that she will continue the pregnancy. Dr. Charles is still hesitant about letting Megan do the surgery, while Dr. Reese believes she will not relapse.

Downstairs, Dr. Choi sees a fight about ignorance, turn into an embrace of forgiveness between the fighter’s families. Cyrus has not awoken, but Ricky goes with his family to pray. While Natalie is still working through her feelings about Jeff, she loses a young patient. She feels guilty thinking she missed a sign that could have saved him. Even worse, Dr. Stoll wants to use the case as a learning tool for other doctors.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Charles approves Megan to be placed on the transplant list. She has the determination and support she needs to continue her sobriety. Chicago Med is full of gripping stories that keep us coming every week. So glad they’re back from hiatus; and coming up next week, the officer who arrested Maggie last year is back. The officer is now the patient and in desperate need of a miracle. How will the staff react and will P.D. become involved once again?

Stay tuned for more after takes to come this season!