After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Heart Matters”

CHICAGO MED — “Heart Matters” Episode 210 — Pictured: Amy Morton as Trudy Platt — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Heart Matters”

Before their shift starts Jeff tries to ask out Natalie for dinner. She declines because she has many items on her plate. As they’re entering the hospital, several ambulances pull up with patients. Officer Kate Windham was out getting the mail at her home when her car rolled out of gear. It was a freak accident and has left her with no blood flow to the brain. Kate looks to be brain dead because of the massive brain swelling. Kate is listed as an organ donor and Dr. Choi asks her husband to consider her request. In another room, April’s ultrasound proves good news for the baby. Her TB medications are not affecting the baby, with the tech seeing normal readings. Sharon thinks it’s better if April takes the lead on the Windham case. She doesn’t want any bad feelings coming back for the Windham’s or Maggie.

A horse jockey named Felix comes in because he passed out after a long run. He feels fine, but Dr. Halstead orders multiple tests to find out what caused the problem. A mother and teenage daughter come in from a car accident. Dr. Rhodes comes into the room and sees the mother is Megan, his patient. Megan is a recovering alcoholic coming in for a heart transplant when the accident occurred. If she cannot stand the surgery, she will not be alive long enough to find another matching heart. Her daughter Bria is complaining of severe neck pains from the airbag. Megan’s surgery is postponed because she slipped on her sobriety.

A dear friend of hers died while waiting on the heart transplant list. She felt great remorse about falling off the wagon because she knows she messed up. Dr. Halstead sees Felix’s tests and finds he has symptoms of bulimia. Felix believes the diagnosis is only for women. He needs to make weight or he cannot be fit to ride. However, the test shows he has a floppy heart valve that could cause numerous problems if he continues his habits. Bria’s back scans show she has a mass unrelated to the accident. More tests will be done to determine the cause of her pain.

At the Morbidity and Mortality conference, Natalie’s case with the young man’s death is the focus. Jeff goes in and yells that Natalie couldn’t be held responsible for the situation. She scolds him outside, saying she doesn’t need a white knight to save her. He shouldn’t have been in the room because he is still in medical school. Upstairs, the committee meets and discusses the possibility of Megan still receiving the heart transplant. With her relapse, the committee decides to not grant her the transplant. Felix is being treated with fluids to help the dehydration he’s suffering from; but it causes him to gain water weight. He is furious and demands to leave the hospital. He fills out paperwork to leave against medical advice.

Dr. Charles may have made an anonymous call saying Felix took a dietetics and needs to be randomly drug tested. Not allowing him to race and saving other riders from his poor choices. Sharon discloses to Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Charles that Megan will receive Officer Windham’s heart. Another patient is a match, but lives in San Diego, if there was a delay the heart may not be viable. Maggie goes to lieutenant Windham to asks to finish his wife’s case. She feels it will be closure for both of them.

After their shift, Natalie asks Jeff out for drinks; she apologizes for her behavior while at Molly’s. She felt a void after her husband died and used Jeff to fill it. Their relationship may be over, but they’ll still need to work together. At the end of the episode, Kate’s organ surgery is begun and her final call is made over the dispatch radio. Her organs will be used to save the lives of many, including Megan who receives her heart. In another room, Bria is recovering from her surgery while her mother receives her heart. May Kate rest in peace and protect her fellow officers from above.

On next week’s episode, a diplomat comes to Chicago Med. All avenues have been taken to ensure an international incident will not occur. However, one mistake may unravel all of their plans. Stay tuned next week for another after take!