WonderCon 2017: LUCIFER’s Rachael Harris talks Linda, God, and stunt doubles

In Anaheim earlier in April, MyTakeOnTV joined some of our press colleagues for round table interviews with the cast of LUCIFER at Wonder Con 2017.  Rachael Harris (Dr Linda) was full of excitement about what’s coming for the rest of Season 2, which resumes tonight on FOX at 9/8c.

On learning Lucifer/Maze/Amenadiel’s secrets: “It was very symbolic that she was able to say “I’m going to accept this about you even though you have so much shame and want to hide it.”  There’s a great scene…where I say… “why don’t you trust her?  I’m still here and I still care for you.”  I think that’s all of our greatest fears.  If you see how low self esteem I have, you will run.  It’s such a great thing that she says, no, it’s okay.

On whether there will be repercussions from what happened when we last saw these folks: “Mmm hmm…” she laughs. “You know God appears, Timothy Omundson.  Linda’s reaction to meeting God is pretty awesome.  And then I think what we see, repercussions of her yes, committing to Maze and committing to Lucifer.  Everyone; they’re her friends and she’s very loyal to them.  When some entity tries to get information from her, has catastrophic consequences to it.  And you get to see just how far Linda will go to take care of her friends.  Things come back to haunt her a little bit.  We will get to know more about Linda in one of the one-off’s [next year].”

Asked about what input she has on her character at this point: “I said, I would really enjoy doing some more dramatic aspects of the show, and that’s where I think “Monster” started happening, the episode “Monster” where he revealed himself, and I was like, we can go further!  So they heard me when I said I would like to do something more dramatic.  Things get real.  Scary and honest.”

On what to expect, she teases “I have a stunt double! That doesn’t say anything, but it says something.”

Check out the video above for the full interview with Rachael and be sure to catch all new episodes of LUCIFER through May/June!