WonderCon 2017: Kevin Alejandro previews LUCIFER’s return

At WonderCon 2017 early in April, we spent some time with fellow press at round tables to discuss what’s coming next for LUCIFER and “Detective Douche” when new episodes resume tonight at 9/8c.  Kevin Alejandro previewed what he wants to see for Dan, and how he and Tom sometimes improv their way through bro-scenes.

On being heretofore known as “Detective Douche”: “That’s given the audience something to hold onto.  Don’t take it away if it’s not broken.”

On wanting to see Dan become a villain: “He always makes these decisions, for good reasons, but it always ends up being sort of shady, you know, like shooting a person.  I would like something big to happen, he has to make another choice; it just pulls the rug out from everything…he turns into like the ultimate force/villain to reckon with.”

On seeing more Dan/Lucifer buddy cop moments: “Definitely, you will definitely see that.  When they wrote a scene where Dan has finally had enough of it….he steps up to him.  That opened up a whole new world of Dan stepping up to Lucifer so now there’s all of this really funny banter back and forth that they put into the show and that we also improv back and forth.  I think people are really going to enjoy that aspect, instead of always being a doormat.”

On repercussions from what we’ve seen: “Dan, he’s in the dark, about this whole celestial world.  he’s kind of like the dumb guy…he definitely has encounters with them, but he still doesn’t know this world that is Lucifer….I think eventually I kind of want to know, because it gives this guy a lot of, strange, constantly calling him weird.  I think it’s really funny that he doesn’t know…It’s so logical. It would just turn his world upside down.”

On the rest of this season: “They’re peppering a bunch of different things in – we’re in a whirlwind of trying to finish Season 2 and pepper in storylines and details that make you want to come back for season 3.  The good thing about getting a Season 3 is that it gives us time to breathe and deal with them on a more evolutionary level, let it breathe, instead of rushing through it.”

On the standalone episodes: “There is a Dan episode.  It’s not just me; but I’m pretty heavy in it.  You get to figure a little bit how he ticks.  I think it’s really awesome that they’re able to do that.  Give everybody a chance to be their own person and let you guys decide if you like or dislike him.”

On having scenes with other cast members: “I love, love, love working with Tom and Lauren. But I just did a really cools scene with Rachael. That woman is amazing.  You cannot look her straight in the eye without laughing. We are going to see other worlds, they’re peppering things in. I do get some scenes with Amenadiel…you get to see how those two guys could have a relationship, or how they relate.”

On improvisation: “We do what they write because they’re really good at it; you don’t have to change it because they’re so good.  The directors and eeeryone is really good about giving us one take to do whatever we want to.  Sometimes it makes it into the show and sometimes it doesn’t.  We know these guys so well!  We can ham them up; sometimes we ham them up and they’re like…..”that’s too much!””

On the end of the season: “Your socks will be BLOWN off!  Enter into a world that you don’t expect!”

Watch the video above for more from Kevin and tune in to new episodes of LUCIFER starting tonight!