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Video First Look: The River Vixens are back on RIVERDALE

The River Vixens are back in this week’s all new RIVERDALE, and we have an early first look at their “Jailhouse Rock” from the episode, titled “Fortune and Men’s Eyes.” And because this is the wholesome town of RIVERDALE, of course Veronica, Josie, and Cheryl are performing for Archie and his friends in the big house! Officially: Veronica, Josie, and Cheryl lead the River Vixens in a performance of “Jailhouse Rock” for Archie and his fellow inmates on the Wednesday, October

First Look: ATYPICAL S2 Trailer

ATYPICAL was such a great surprise for me last year and I’ve been so excited for the upcoming new Season that deals with the fallout of the finale. Casey’s off to a new school, Doug and Elsa are dealing with her discretions, and Sam is just trying to figure it all out. Netflix released their trailer and key art today – Season 2 will be released Friday Sept 7. The official description from the streaming giant says: Atypical is a

First Look Trailer: SAFE on Netflix

Michael C Hall is returning to TV in SAFE, the new Netflix drama from the mind of Harlan Coben, author of best-selling crime thrillers and creator of British TV series THE FIVE. “After his teenage daughter goes missing, widowed surgeon Tom Delaney (Hall) begins unearthing dark secrets about the people closest to him.” Check it out – looks perfectly suspenseful.  I’m in – what say you?  Season 1 will be released on Thursday, May 10.

First Look: RIVERDALE’s “Carrie: The Musical” Episode is finally here!

And we’ve got your first look at two musical numbers from tomorrow night’s big premiere! Worth noting? The episode is an instant favorite for me, the music works so well with the themes of the show, and there are, as always, some surprising twists in the episode – who else is excited for “Carrie: The Musical” to hit RIVERDALE? Check out the cast gearing up for their big debut in a performance of “In” from the show: And here’s a

Video First Look: Netflix’s LOST IN SPACE Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer for the upcoming LOST IN SPACE reboot that drops on April 13, and it looks GORGEOUS. You have to take a look:  In the reboot of the classic story of the the Robinson family, John and Maureen are played by BLACK SAILS’ Toby Stephens and HOUSE OF CARDS’ Molly Parker.  Their mission is blown off course and they end up on an unfamiliar planet, sure to encounter danger.  Netflix tells us in their release:

CHICAGO PD Video: Marina Squerciati at One Chicago Day 2017

Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess, CHICAGO PD) joined us at One Chicago Day 2017 to talk all things Burgess, in addition to what is going on with her comedy series (hint: Kevin Hart is involved) and how being a new mom has changed her approach to the show.  Plus we really want to know – WHAT IS BURGESS’ BIG MISTAKE? Check it out!

RIVERDALE video: Josie & The Pussycats are back in action!

In tonight’s all new episode of RIVERDALE (8/7c on The CW), an effort to save Pop’s Chok’lit Shoppe in the aftermath of Fred’s shooting finds Josie teaming up with an unlikely third member to perform an all new version of Kelis’ hit song “Milkshake.” Check out the video of their performance! RIVERDALE’s can’t-miss second season airs Wednesdays at 8/7c this Fall on The CW.

SHADOWHUNTERS at SDCC 2017: The EPs preview what’s to come

It’s always a treat for our team to get to sit and listen to the EPs of our favorite shows talk about what’s coming up, plus hear them look back on creating the stories we love to watch. It was great to get the chance to do just that with the executive producers of SHADOWHUNTERS, Matt Hastings, Darren Swimmer, and Todd Slavkin at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. They dove deep into keeping true to a depth of source

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