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From the Set: THE MIDDLE hits 200!

THE MIDDLE has quietly had one of the best runs of any comedy series of the modern era: always funny, always relatable, and one of my favorite shows on TV.  Now in their 9th and final season (Eden Sher promises “we decided it!”), the series has hit another milestone – 200(+) episodes. Episode 200, aptly named “The 200th,” celebrates Orson’s late achievement: they were selected as one of the top 200 cities in Indiana – number 200, to be exact!

Atticus Shaffer on THE MIDDLE’s “wonderful” Season Finale

Season 8 of THE MIDDLE comes to a fun ending tonight (worry not, it’s been renewed for S9) with an episode that shows the immediate aftermath of Axl being graduated, while Sue deals with a minor traffic incident and Brick’s long-gone lawn chair makes a surprise return. I got on the phone with Atticus Shaffer (Brick) late last week to preview the end of this season and he told me that he and his old buddy Lawn Chair, “pick back

Charlie McDermott on directing THE MIDDLE and what comes next!

Over the past 8 seasons, we’ve gotten to watch Charlie McDermott play Axl Heck, under-achieving oldest child on THE MIDDLE, as he navigated the waters of growing up in a small town. Season 8 has found Axl applying himself (as Axl can) as he finishes his business degree and gets ready to enter the adult world. Behind the scenes, Charlie has taken on a new task as well, that of director, officially earning that title after taking his turn behind

Atticus Shaffer previews the Season 6 finale of THE MIDDLE

For 6 seasons now, THE MIDDLE has continued to be one of my favorite shows on TV, never disappointing me, sometimes making me cry, and always making me laugh at something I can absolutely relate to.  As Season 6 comes to an end tonight, and with Season 7 on the horizon, I spent time chatting with series star Atticus Shaffer about what’s next for Brick (::whoop::)!  Check it out! Congratulations!  Coming back for Season 7, Wednesdays at 8 where you

Quick Take: THE MIDDLE is basically perfection

THE MIDDLE is back for their 6th season premiere tonight (8/7c) and I feel like I’ve been counting down the minutes.  The show about the every day struggles of a family living in Middle America has been a favorite since day one, and tonight’s episode is no different – Frankie screws up dates, and Sue and Brick are forced to make an awkward first impression at school, while Mike and Axl fight it out repeatedly on the basketball court. Oh

Atticus Shaffer previews the Season 5 finale of THE MIDDLE!

Tonight on ABC, THE MIDDLE’s 5th season comes to an end with back to back brand new episodes that find my favorite family heading to Orlando (by way of North Carolina??) after last week’s “hands on a hardbody” competition ended with Sue winning a trip to Disney!  While they journey south, the family has to deal with Axl’s latest wager regarding his grades, Sue’s over-planning, possibly too-much family togetherness, a miscommunication over the prize package, and the a very long

THE MIDDLE Comes to Syndication on the Hallmark Channel

Now in its fifth season on ABC, Emmy-nominated The Middle began its syndication run on the Hallmark Channel on March 3. As a kickoff to this milestone, Charlie McDermott (Axl Heck) and Eden Sher (Sue Heck) participated in a conference call for the media via Hallmark. A Relatable Feel It was a call full of teasing and laughing, mostly between McDermott and Sher, who were obviously enjoying reaping the benefits of such a successful Top-20 series. Syndication, for McDermott, seemed

Previewing Christmas with the Hecks with THE MIDDLE’s Eden Sher

On an all new Christmas episode of THE MIDDLE (airing Wednesday at 8/7c), Frankie wants the family to spend as much time together as possible, and Axl tries to avoid that at all costs.  Meanwhile, Brick starts running some fundraising schemes after $97 worth of wrapping paper goes unsold, Mike shares with Axl the perfection that is Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle,” and Sue, poor Sue, is allergic to Christmas.  I spent some time chatting with Sue Sue Heck

Patricia Heaton Previews the 100th Episode of THE MIDDLE!

Way back in 2009 (September 30, to be exact), a little show called THE MIDDLE premiered, and I fell in love immediately.  After airing two episodes, it was granted a back nine.  Then a Season 2, then Season 3, 4, and 5, and with each passing episode, the ratings grew.  The show became more beloved by critics and audiences alike, and since Season 5 premiered (armed with an an early syndication deal that found the show airing weekdays on ABC

Charlie McDermott gives us the scoop on Season 5 of THE MIDDLE

I can’t believe (but I’m so excited) that the 5th Season premiere of THE MIDDLE airs tonight on ABC (8/7c).  What some people might call the “little show that could” and what I have consistently called the best comedy on television has slowly grown to be a solid hit for ABC over the seasons, and it still feels like just yesterday that we met the Hecks of Orson, Indiana.  In tonight’s premiere, Axl is heading to college for the first

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