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Jack McBrayer previews Dr Goodwin’s return to THE MIDDLE

On tonight’s all new episode of THE MIDDLE, Frankie gets mistaken for a doctor while running errands in her lab coat, and finds herself receiving special treatment.  More time at work means a return visit from Frankie’s new boss, Dr Goodwin, played, hilariously, by familiar-face Jack McBrayer. I spent some time chatting with Jack about tonight’s episode, what comes next for Dr Goodwin, what comes next for Jack, and what he’s spending time watching when he gets some free time!

Eden Sher previews an all new THE MIDDLE

Of all the things about Sue Heck that I love, the fact that she has the same first name and middle name is one of my favorites!  In tonight’s all new episode, Sue decides that she is going to change her name so that her license doesn’t say Sue Sue Heck on it. To preview how that goes, we spent some time talking with Sue herself (Eden Sher) about what to expect tonight and beyond! What can you tease that

Quick Take: It’s Valentine’s Day on THE MIDDLE

Tonight’s episode of THE MIDDLE has a little bit of the everything about I love so much – Brick getting exasperated with Frankie and getting the classic third child treatment; Mike getting put into uncomfortable situations at work because he tries to do something nice; Sue on the verge of losing her positivity over the Valentine’s Dance; Axl’s genius plans (and the genius way they backfire); Boss Co, in general; surprises; romance; you name it!  I will talk until I’m

John Gammon previews Valentine’s Day on THE MIDDLE

On tonight’s all new episode of THE MIDDLE, Boss Co. finds themselves employed by all the young men in Orson, doing the dirty work in relationships that just aren’t working.  Friend of the site, John Gammon, gave us a call to discuss what’s happening tonight, and what comes next! I had the delight to watch tonight’s episode of THE MIDDLE – it’s funny, it’s heartwarming, everything the show is. Great, I’m so glad to hear to that!  I feel the

THE MIDDLE’s Patricia Heaton gives some scoop on what’s coming next for the show!

THE MIDDLE is finally back, everyone!  I know it’s only been a few weeks since we’ve had an all new episode, but in my mind, it’s too long!  Sue and Axl end up working together on a school project with what could be disastrous results in tonight’s return, while Mike and Frankie deal with some sketchy insurance coverage.  To celebrate the return of the show, I chatted with Patricia Heaton about what’s coming tonight, what we can expect for the

Spotlight on: THE MIDDLE’s John Gammon and what’s coming up for Darrin

It should come as no surprise to everyone who reads the site – THE MIDDLE is one of my favorite shows currently on air, and everytime I get to chat with their cast, it’s a delight, because we all share the same excitement for the show.  That was the case in today’s newest “Spotlight On” interview, where I chatted with John Gammon (Axl’s friend Darrin) about his role on the show.   THE MIDDLE is all new tonight with an

BUNHEADS star Bailey Buntain previews her guest spot on THE MIDDLE

Tonight on THE MIDDLE, one of the summer’s familiar faces, Bailey Buntain (from BUNHEADS – say that 10 times fast) is stopping by as Sue Heck’s new freshman buddy.  The results are as you’d expect and we spent some time chatting with Bailey about what to expect for her character Jenna, along with what we might see on BUNHEADS next season! Let’s talk about THE MIDDLE and your character there – how did you get involved in the show?  Were

THE MIDDLE’s Atticus Shaffer teases Season 4!

I feel a little bit like a broken record to keep saying it, but seriously – give me THE MIDDLE over so many other TV comedies any day of the week, and I’ll be happy!  The show returns tonight with it’s 4th season premiere, another hour long look into how the summer ends, and the fall begins, for the Heck family! In the premiere, Mike accidentally reveals his favorite child, Sue tries to bond with him a result, and Brick

Eden Sher says “We don’t care who you are, where you’ve been, come to THE MIDDLE!”

Whoopi Goldberg is showing up in ABC Primetime tonight – no, they’re not doing a special evening episode of THE VIEW.  She’s lending her humor and wisdom to one of the best shows on TV, THE MIDDLE, as a guidance counselor who helps Sue in her time of need.    Eden Sher, Sue’s portrayer, called working with Whoopi “life-changing” and went on to describe how she came to the show – “Well, I had done her show, and she’d told me

We talk “Weird Ashley” with Katlin Mastandrea from THE MIDDLE

Anyone who knows me knows that I love THE MIDDLE. I love the Heck family. I love the absurdity but realism of the Hecks, their neighbors, and their friends. I love how they don’t forget the past and how Axl’s unfortunate date to the prom last year became Sue’s Wrestlerette friend and Axl’s unfortunate date to the prom again this year. That prom date is “Weird Ashley” portrayed with conviction by newcomer Katlin Mastandrea. I chatted a bit about the

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