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Previewing DOUBT with Katherine Heigl and Tony Phelan

From Grey’s Anatomy executive producers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater comes Katherine Heigl’s new legal drama, Doubt.  CBS recently held a press conference with Phelan and Heigl on the threshold of the series premiere to talk the world of Doubt and possibilities of life after a thirteen-episode run. On the heels of her work with Grey’s, Heigl admits her interest in the series was peaked since previously working with the pair and being aware of “how talented, smart, and amazing

Claire Coffee spills the tea on GRIMM S5

For an actress whose character was originally to appear on one episode, then evolve into a recurring role, Claire Coffee (Adalind) is riding high these days as a Grimm series star. Now in its fifth season, the series’ action-packed finale saw Adalind relinquish her Hexenbiest powers – however temporarily – to test a formula that might help Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) become fully “human” again. And Coffee, for one, couldn’t be happier as she joins NBC for a press conference to

BATTLE CREEK: A Familiar Cop Show with a Different Feel

Battle Creek promises to be a different kind of cop show.  And prior to its premiere, series creator David Shore and stars Josh Duhamel (Special Agent/Detective Milton Chamberlain) and Dean Winters (Detective Russ Agnew) invited the media to a press conference to discuss just what sets this show apart from all the rest. It’s All in a Day’s Work Duhamel began his preparation to play the straight-laced Chamberlain by going on a ride-along with the real cops of Battle Creek,

Bruno Heller, Simon Baker, and Robin Tunney Give Final Encore Salute to THE MENTALIST

It’s no secret that this season, the seventh, is the final for The Mentalist.  What is a secret is how the popular series will end.  Executive Producer Bruno Heller, along with actors Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon) aren’t saying. However, Heller confides, “You know the real secret is that it’s very, very hard to keep up a rational generous relationship with your costars on a show that runs this long.  It has been a great joy

David Giuntoli previews GRIMM Season 4: “Nick will enjoy being normal”

What’s a Grimm without his powers? We’ll soon find out when Grimm premieres its Fourth Season this week on NBC. Star David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) recently participated in a telephone press conference to tease about the new season and what viewers might expect. Of course, the premiere opens with everyone in a state of chaos. Giuntoli said, “Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) postpone their honeymoon due to the chaos that’s ensued [with Nick’s loss of his Grimm-ness].

Athena Karkanis and Yul Vazquez Talk THE LOTTERY

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with The Lottery’s Athena Karkanis (Chief of Staff Venessa Keller) and Yul Vazquez (President Thomas Westwood), and I was quite enlightened about this series. Extinction of the Human Race? First of all, how far fetched is it to think human beings will just stop giving birth, causing the human race to near extinction?  It’s a concept Karkanis doesn’t think is far fetched at all.  “It’s really a thing

Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg’s EXTANT Explores New Ground for CBS and Amazon Prime

Anticipation looms large as Steven Spielberg sits at the helm of CBS series Extant, starring Halle Berry as Astronaut Molly Woods. The futuristic Extant has Berry returning from a year-long mission in space, where she’s left behind a dark secret. As the episode unfolds, Berry’s character undergoes the mandatory physical exam required of all returning outer space travelers, only to find that she is pregnant. To add to this mystery, a significant period of time has been deleted from monitoring

Time-Out With SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED star Eric Mabius

Hallmark’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered has a somewhat unique television presence these days in that its content is suitable for the entire family – a sentiment actor Eric Mabius (Oliver O’Toole) agrees with. That’s why when the network recently held a teleconference with Mabius, I knew I had to participate. A Unique Perspective “I find most shows unwatchable nowadays,” Mabius began, “short of a few comedy things. And I don’t know if that’s because I’ve changed or because I have two

Robin Williams and Pam Dawber bring MORK AND MINDY to THE CRAZY ONES

Mork and Mindy are back!  Well, not exactly.  But Robin Williams and Pam Dawber ARE re-teaming for the “Love Sucks” episode of The Crazy Ones (Season One, Episode 20), and they recently gave journalists the scoop at a recent CBS press conference. Back in the Saddle Again The last time Williams and Dawber shared a set was in 1982.  It’s now 2014.  After so much time had passed, what was the reunion like?  Williams described it as nothing short of

THE MIDDLE Comes to Syndication on the Hallmark Channel

Now in its fifth season on ABC, Emmy-nominated The Middle began its syndication run on the Hallmark Channel on March 3. As a kickoff to this milestone, Charlie McDermott (Axl Heck) and Eden Sher (Sue Heck) participated in a conference call for the media via Hallmark. A Relatable Feel It was a call full of teasing and laughing, mostly between McDermott and Sher, who were obviously enjoying reaping the benefits of such a successful Top-20 series. Syndication, for McDermott, seemed

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