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Ashley Scott Opens up with MyTakeOnTV about Her Latest Project, MANNY DEAREST

Ashley Scott and I shared a wonderful phone conversation about her latest Lifetime project, Manny Dearest.  She was refreshingly open and down to earth.  She also recognized straight away that I’m Southern, a trait we have in common. So, how are you? Things are good.  We just bought a house in Topanga Canyon, which is an interesting place to raise our kids.  We’re hiking in the mountains and checking out all the critters. Your bio says you have two children?

Sammi Hanratty previews SALEM S2 and Lifetime’s SEEDS OF YESTERDAY

If you’ve watched TV or movies over the past 10 years, chances are, you’ve seen the face of Sammi Hanratty (my personal favorite being young Chuck on PUSHING DAISIES). That familiar face has a big April this year as Season 2 of her WGN America show SALEM hits your screens Easter Sunday (sounds like Dollie has some tough decisions to make), and the long awaited premiere of the fourth movie in the Lifetime/Dollanganger series, SEEDS OF YESTERDAY, premieres April 12

Athena Karkanis and Yul Vazquez Talk THE LOTTERY

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with The Lottery’s Athena Karkanis (Chief of Staff Venessa Keller) and Yul Vazquez (President Thomas Westwood), and I was quite enlightened about this series. Extinction of the Human Race? First of all, how far fetched is it to think human beings will just stop giving birth, causing the human race to near extinction?  It’s a concept Karkanis doesn’t think is far fetched at all.  “It’s really a thing

Peri Gilpin Talks Lifetime Network and ‘What Do You Do After Roz?”

I loved Peri Gilpin (Roz) on NBC’s Frazier.  So, you can   imagine my excitement when she called me from  LAX to discuss one of her latest projects, Lifetime Network’s The Choking Game. The Choking Game Gilpin tells me, “I play Heidi, a remarried mom who can now afford to stay home.  She’s a good mom, very conscientious.  And, since she never had the choice to stay home and raise her daughter before, she’s making up for  lost time.  But,

Catherine Dent Teases GANG RELATED and Lifetime project GUILTY AT 17

How far would you go to support a friend?  Would you lie?  Would you lie about a teacher?  Would you accuse that teacher of sexual harassment just to keep that friend?  What would you do if that teacher then committed suicide?  Would you feel guilty? That’s the slant of Lifetime network’s Guilty at 17, which stars Erin Sanders (Eden Baldwin on The Young and the Restless).  With Baldwin in the cast is Catherine Dent (Gang Related, The Shield). I recently

DROP DEAD DIVA is back tonight!

When we last left our girl Jane Bingham (formerly Deb or currently Deb or a combo of both), she was kneeling in the street, next to her beloved Grayson, whose eyes fluttered open in time to say “Deb.”  Check out a 2 minute recap to see what you’ve missed. When season 3 opens, Grayson is still in bad shape, and so is Jane, who doesn’t know what to say when Grayson wakes up. Does he know she’s Deb? What if

DROP DEAD DIVA season 2 chatter with Kate Levering

In talking with the cast of DROP DEAD DIVA over the past few weeks, I was aware of one thing above all else – these are some of the coolest people currently on TV, and I want to be their friends!  Today’s interviewee is no different – she may play the bad girl Kim Kaswell that we all love to hate, but in a conversation with Kate Levering, you realize that what you see every week on the show is

Saturday TiVo alert: NORTHERN LIGHTS

In case you missed it the first time around, Lifetime is re-airing “Nora Robert’s Northern Lights”, starring the beautiful Mr. Dimples and the former “Blue” singer – Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes!  It’s a charming movie that is definitely worth checking out.  Just imagine you’re in the snow with these guys instead of stuck in your sweltering neighborhoods!

Sunday Must Watch: DROP DEAD DIVA on Lifetime!

What the TV world seems to be missing these days is women of real shape and real size.  And not just in the sassy best friend role!  Which is why Lifetime’s latest original series, DROP DEAD DIVA, is such a refreshing look at the normal.  Broadway star Brooke Elliott plays the head role, overworked, underappreciated “normal girl”, Jane.  When Jane is caught in the crossfire of an angry gunman, she lands in a coma, brain dead.  Brooke D’Orsay is Deb, the

Sunday must watch: LMN's KILLER HAIR

Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network are always so great at bringing book adaptation to TV in movie form, and tonight’s premiere is no different.  KILLER HAIR, starring Maggie Lawson (PSYCH), is adapted from Ellen Byerrum’s popular Crime of Fashion mystery series (also on the horizon, HOSTILE MAKEOVER).  I’m glad they decided to tackle the series, because the first one of the bunch is 100% fun, with all kinds of over the top absurdity thrown in! KILLER HAIR tells the story of

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