DROP DEAD DIVA is back tonight!

When we last left our girl Jane Bingham (formerly Deb or currently Deb or a combo of both), she was kneeling in the street, next to her beloved Grayson, whose eyes fluttered open in time to say “Deb.”  Check out a 2 minute recap to see what you’ve missed.

When season 3 opens, Grayson is still in bad shape, and so is Jane, who doesn’t know what to say when Grayson wakes up. Does he know she’s Deb? What if he doesn’t know she’s Deb? Will she tell him? While she’s left to worry about what to say to her soul mate, she also gets thrown onto a high profile case involving a celebrity who is accused of hit-and-run.  With the help of her “intern” Stacy (April Bowlby is the best), she proves why Jane is such a great lawyer.  In other news, Kim, who left Parker AND the firm at the end of Season 2, sets up shop in a Starbucks-type place, representing her good friend in a case against Parker.

The show never fails to hit it out of the park.  When you think it’s going to zig, it zags, and when you think you’ll get through an episode without crying, surprise! Tears are streaming down your face (there’s a scene in the third episode that caused me to pause the DVD and compose myself).  This cast is so strong – Jane Bingham is one of my favorite characters on TV, period (how could you not like Brooke Elliott), and even when you hate Kim (Kate Levering), you love her.  All of the characters are three dimensional, and each episode improves on the one before it. While the season will of course continue to focus on whether Jane will come clean with Grayson, the intriguing court room drama, and the fun side stories between Kim/Parker and the ADORABLE Stacy and Fred, keep it more than just a will they won’t they!  If you love the show, you’ll love the premiere.  If you haven’t checked out the show yet, do yourself a favor – watch the recap, set the DVR, and thank me later!


The season premiere of DROP DEAD DIVA, featuring guest stars Nick Zano, Leann Rimes, Wendy Williams, Ben Shenkman, Jaime Ray Newman, and Paula Abdul, airs at 9/8c on Lifetime