Sunday must watch: LMN's KILLER HAIR

killer hair 2Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network are always so great at bringing book adaptation to TV in movie form, and tonight’s premiere is no different.  KILLER HAIR, starring Maggie Lawson (PSYCH), is adapted from Ellen Byerrum’s popular Crime of Fashion mystery series (also on the horizon, HOSTILE MAKEOVER).  I’m glad they decided to tackle the series, because the first one of the bunch is 100% fun, with all kinds of over the top absurdity thrown in!

KILLER HAIR tells the story of Lacey Smithsonian (if that’s not a book character’s name, I don’t know what is), a former crime reporter, forced to be a fashion reporter (fashion crime) at a less-than-stellar newspaper.  When one of her friends, Angela, dies in an apparent suicide, the terrible haircut she’s laid to rest in makes Lacey and her best friend Stella believe that Angela was murdered.

The story immediately delves into adorable Lacey (Maggie Lawson is fantastic – she has “star” written all over her) getting herself way in over her head as she works to solve the case.  Conveniently along for the ride is her ex from Colorado, new in DC, and helping her, reluctantly, to solve the murders that keep popping up.

The rest of the cast is really good, too, with Finola Hughs and Mary McDonnell showing up to give solid acting cred.  This is the kind of movie that helps you escape from what’s happening in the world around you, and is enjoyable through and through. Do yourself a favor and tune in!