After-Take: GRIMM “Blind Love”

GRIMM — “Blind Love” Episode 607 — Pictured: (l-r) Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Blind Love”

The episode begins with love and kisses between, well everyone! More will be explained because we need to go back 36 hours to find out what we just saw. Diana wakes up Eve wondering if she’s sad. Diana asks if Eve is sad because Nick isn’t her boyfriend anymore. Eve says it makes her a little sad sometimes. Diana still doesn’t know her second mommy, Kelly has died. She was too little to remember; but Eve doesn’t tell her anything. It’s Monroe’s birthday! So Rosalee invites the group to the Colombian Gorge hotel for the weekend. Diana will stay with her father while everyone is away. While she’s there, Adalind cautions Diana to not tell anyone about what she saw Eve drawing in the tunnels. Soon after they leave to see Renard, Eve is using the shower and looks into the mirror. She sees a small dark hole coming through the mirror, but then it gets bigger. Once lightning begins to strike within the mirror, she calls out for Nick. She isn’t the only one seeing the phenomenon; a skull with green eyes appears and looks directly at them. He doesn’t say anything or reveal himself more, but the black hole goes away. They won’t tell anyone else until they know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Monroe and Rosalee meet up with the rest of their group for their blissful weekend away. Nick and Adalind are taken up to their room first, and the bellhop seems a little suspicious. Randy, calls his mother asking for his father to get in touch with him, because he has information about Nick.
Diana decides to color and her father wonders what the symbols mean. She gives away some of the secret, but doesn’t say where the tunnels are at. Everything is going fine until an unexpected plant delivery comes to the door. It’s a distraction so Diana can be kidnapped from the home. Renard sees she is missing, and is about to call the precinct, but hangs up the phone. He figures whoever kidnapped her is not aware of her powers, knowing she can protect herself from anyone.

At the hotel, Randy’s father calls from prison. Nick had put Randy’s father away some years ago, and he’s been hoping for revenge. Randy says he will induce a love potion that is three times the dose so everyone will kill each other over jealousy. Randy goes to their room collecting samples for the potion while everyone is reminiscing at the bar. Randy sets up their drinks and let them set back to their original color. When going through the kitchen, Randy bumps into another server and a strand of her hair falls into one of the drinks, unknown to anyone. Later that night, Adalind and Nick settle into bed, and Nick thought Randy looked a familiar. Adalind suggested maybe Nick had arrested Randy in the past? Nick shrugs it off believing if he arrested anyone he would have remembered.

In Portland, Renard gets a call and photo from Lieutenant Grossante. Grossante has kidnapped Diana because of the Captain’s backstabbing actions from the clone spell Nick had control of. Renard remains calm because he knows Diana’s powers and doesn’t give into any demands. The next morning, Nick and Adalind wake up feeling awkward next to one another. Rosalee didn’t have any wine because she’s pregnant, but everyone is suddenly craving coffee. Once Diana wakes up, she asks to go home.

Grossante doesn’t care what she wants, and woges trying to scare her. He’s unaware of her powers, and she flings him all around the room for fun. At the hotel, everyone begins to fall under the spell of love. Monroe falls for Eve, Wu falls for the female server, Nick chases Rosalee and Adalind wants Monroe. While Hank, falls in love, with himself after looking in the mirror. Eve is scared by Monroe’s interest and runs away looking for Rosalee. Nick professes his love for Rosalee, she’s mortified and runs away. Eve pops up and then falls in love with Nick, while he’s looking past her for Rosalee. Randy is on the balcony loving every minute of this chaos. Everyone ends on their room floor arguing over their love for one another. Rosalee can only watch in horror as everyone is fighting with one another, and Hank is in love with his reflection. Suddenly it dawns on Rosalee that everyone is under the love spell and she isn’t affected. Grossante calls Renard again, this time begging to be saved from Diana. Renard refuses and delays the process to teach his lieutenant a lesson.

At the end of the episode, Wu continues to pursue Holly, the server, saying he will die without her. Rosalee runs downstairs knowing Randy is the Cupido behind the attack. He refuses to undo the spell and takes Holly as a captive, threatening to throw her from the cliff. Wu couldn’t have his one true love die, so he attacked and pushed Randy off the cliff. Once Randy hit the bottom, everyone came out of their love induced spell, and goes back to normal. Monroe’s birthday is not ruined and they still have time to make more memories; with a clock themed cake and all. Meanwhile, Grossante is crawling in an attempt to escape Diana, but Renard opens the door. Renard finds the whole event laughable and promises she can have a play date with the lieutenant whenever she likes, just to ensure Grossante knows who’s boss.

Next week, the portal Eve saw is coming back for her. It’s only a matter of time until hell comes to take her away. Will Nick be able to save her from this awful fate? Find out next week when the Final Chapter of Grimm continues!