After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will”

CHICAGO P.D. — “Favor, Affection, Malice Or Ill-Will” Episode 415 — Pictured: (l-r) Nick Wechsler as Kenny Rixton, Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will”

AirDate: Wednesday, February 22

Adam returns from his undercover stint and goes to see Voight. Voight knocks Adam back to patrol because he left without anyone to help cover while he was away. Rixton will be taking Adam’s place permanently; Voight will keep Adam in mind if any openings come up in the future. Across town, Erin meets up with a childhood friend, Scrap because he has some information on a murder for hire. He wants to ensure his kid brother Frankie gets out of jail on a bogus charge if he helps bring in the guy soliciting for murder. Al steps in as the hitman with the team keeping surveillance on him while the deal goes down. Al meets up with his buyer, the man is a father who lost his daughter to a senseless shooting. The shooter’s name is Omar Fry, and the father is offering $50,000 to kill him because he walked on his charges. Rebecca Clark is the daughter who was killed, she was only 22 and had been living in Chicago for six months. Her father, Donald is a professor and his wife checked herself into a mental institution after her daughter’s death. The team will get information about the original case to get more perspective to ensure they have the right guy.

The gang unit is very cooperative with giving files about Rebecca’s case. Rixton and Burgess go to speak with Omar about what he saw that night. He saw a guy in a shiny hoody running from where he heard gunshots coming from. The guy ducked into the subway tunnels, so Voight has the team look in sewer grates to see if the gun was stashed there. Erin finds the gun stuffed away as Halstead takes photos for evidence. Evidence comes back 100% for the shots that killed Rebecca. No DNA was pulled from the gun, but the gun is registered to a Thomas Kade. Thomas has been on the CPD radar for selling unregistered guns to buyers. Most likely he sold the gun to kill Rebecca but he wasn’t the one shooting. The team goes to Thomas’ business, a weed shop to front for a gun shop. Thomas isn’t there, but the man running the shop gives up an address for Thomas. The team goes to his home and makes the arrest.

They keep looking for more information except his details don’t add up. He stole a large number of weapons from the ATF that were going to be melted and destroyed. Then somehow got a gun license to sell the guns to buyers. Voight goes to question Thomas about Rebecca’s killer, but then an ATF agent comes in. Turns out Kade is an undercover agent working to sell guns, but they admit a few guns have fallen through the cracks. Voight takes over the case upset they let an innocent girl be killed. Al speaks with Donald saying Omar is not the right guy, and they can call off the hit. Donald still insist the hit be taken care of despite what Al says. The team gets another lead for who sold the .45 gun. Maxwell Clay was recorded as buying 23 guns from Kade, including the .45 that killed Rebecca.

Maxwell sells guns while serving drinks in his bar. He admits to selling that gun to his cousin, except his cousin was killed two weeks before Rebecca. A Latin gang took the gun off the body once they were finished. Omar agrees to help the CPD by mocking his death if Donald agrees to move forward. The team gets a break in the case locating a man named Jeremy Reynolds. He is a reformed gang member who took a civilian job trying to avoid the gang life, except the life still followed him. Jeremy met Rebecca at their industrial company where they worked. They went out on a date and that’s when the shooting occurred. Then they find a gang member named Carlos Bergante.

Carlos was going after Jeremy after Carlos’ brother was shot in the butt. Rebecca was just a casualty, wrong place, wrong time. All because of some grudge that happened years ago. They go to Carlos’ address, but Carlos is prepared wearing a bullet proof vest and shooting a dozen rounds at the team. Atwater takes him down with a shot to the head killing Carlos. While across town, Al goes to see Donald to show him the evidence that Omar has been taken care of. Once the money is given, Donald is arrested on the solicitation of murder. Erin keeps her promise and gets Frankie out of prison, while Donald will do ten years for trying to avenge his daughter’s killing. At the end of the episode, Rixton goes to Adam saying he worked with his father fresh out of the academy. He really had a lot of respect for him and knows what a tight work family means. Rixton has an offer to take a surveillance job in the gang unit, meaning lots of overtime for him. So, he is going to take that position so Adam can have his job back in intelligence. It was very unexpected but I’m sure glad to see everyone is getting back together!

Tomorrow night, P.D. will take part in a four-episode crossover to introduce Chicago Justice to the NBC family. Stay tuned for those after takes!