After-Take: GRIMM “The Son Also Rises”

GRIMM — “The Son Also Rises” Episode 608 — Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Bitsie Tulloch as Eve — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Son Also Rises”

AirDate: Friday, February 24

Monroe and Nick join Eve and Rosalee at the spice shop trying to decipher what their calendar could represent. They doubt the future event will be anything of good news. Then Monroe comes across an Italian painting representing the astrological signs; he believes the painter was a Grimm and trying to articulate the sort of wesen that span from the universe or even multiverse. Everyone is tired from all the research and head home while Eve stays at the spice shop. She doesn’t want to be in anyone’s way and insists on doing more research alone. At a university bio-science lab, a professor is approached by a man with crutches seeming to be the subject of a research project. She does not feel comfortable having him there when there’s nothing more that can be done. She called her colleague, but didn’t follow through with her call to security. Upon leaving she was attacked at the entrance of the lab.

At the spice shop, Eve picks up a hand mirror and beckons the demon. He reaches out and grabs her by the throat; it takes her awhile to woge, but when she does, she bites his forearm. He throws her back against a shelf and she hits her head. She is left bleeding against the mirror, alone in the shop. The next morning, Rosalee and Monroe come into the spice shop as usual. Rosalee finds Eve and has Monroe call 911. Nick, Hank and Wu are called to the university where the murder occurred. Their victim is a regenerative medicine doctor named Deidre Hampton. Her colleague Sanjay will hopefully have an idea of who wanted her to die because he was the last call she made. Monroe calls Nick about Eve’s accident; when Nick relays the message, he refers to her as Juliette.

Renard still looks over Diana’s drawings in his office. He reaches out to a contact in Siberia named Dasha. He shows her the drawings and asks if she has any clue of what it means. She can see the drawings have some importance, but she will reach out when she finds out more information. At the hospital, Nick tells Monroe and Rosalee about Eve’s first encounter with the mirror illusion. They’re worried that he’s only telling them now, Eve described the experience like what she saw while in the death grip.

Hank and Wu question Sanjay about his conversation with Deidre. He doesn’t mention her concern about the late-night visitor to the lab. He insists they only talked about their work; regeneration of tissues and the work of stem cells. At the precinct, Wu says two sets of fingerprints were found at the crime scene. The prints belonged to Robert Johannsson and Martin Dominguez; however, they are both dead and their bodies were supposedly cremated. In the city, a young man sees himself on a missing person sign. His right arm woges and his face is left with surgical scars. He only sees himself as a monster, not the man in the picture. Hank and Wu go up to the mortuary where the two bodies were supposedly taken care of. The mortician fesses up to selling the bodies for cash. He uses the bodies of criminals or people with no next of kin to sell because the state pays for the procedures.

He’s sold the bodies to the same man on multiple occasions, so Hank orders the mortician to call if another body is to be sold. At the spice shop, Rosalee locks up the blood covered mirror to ensure nobody accidently summons the demon. Sanjay and his colleague begin to shred documents regarding to a man named Shelly. He has been begging his colleagues to help him over the years and they’ve denied him each time. They begin to wonder if he’s strong enough to have killed Deidre. As Sanjay is left alone to shred more documents, he is attacked by the young man with mismatched arms. He attacks as Sanjay drops a jump drive full of incriminating information. Hank and Wu go to visit Dr. Victor Shelley regarding Dr. Hampton. He admits to seeing her late the night before asking for help on a project. He says his project was referring to tissues and organ transplants. Julian Levy is the last doctor of the group yet to be questioned. Except the mortician picks Levy out as the body buyer. They suspect Levy wasn’t aware that he was buying wesen body parts. Once in the interrogation room, Levy admits Shelley and his son were in a car accident that disabled the use of his legs. His son died in the accident; it’s possible he is trying to use different body parts to bring back his dead son. At the hospital, Eve lays in a coma and Nick has flashbacks of when they were together.

After doing some research, Hank and Wu are called to the university where Sunjay’s body was found. They see he was shredding documents and they also find the jump drive which they take back to the precinct. Once they watch the video, they are horrified to see Shelley’s son with different body parts trying to be brought back to life. Much like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor screams, “It’s Alive” once his son awakens from the heart shocks. Except once he is awoken, the different body parts woge and he attacks the other doctors. Everyone orders Shelley to kill the body. Shelley says he will, but not while everyone is around. Seems Shelley’s son is out for revenge for what the doctors did to him. Renard’s contact calls him and says she can only tell that an ancient prophecy will come to pass and he needs to watch over Diana carefully. In town, a woman sees Shelley’s son walking around and calls the number on the flyer about his disappearance. She gives a location and Shelley is about to go after him until Levy comes to confront him. Hank and Wu arrive shortly after to warn them about the attacks. Levy leaves the home only to be attacked by the son. They all try to fight him off, until Shelley comes out and faces his son. He has to shoot him because of all the damage that’s been done. At the end of the episode, Eve awakens and sees Nick at her bedside. She remembers a few details from the mirror, but has a bad feeling they won’t have a lot of time until the demon comes to them.

Next week, everyone goes into the woods and have to fight against the trees that surround them.