After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Seven Indictments”

CHICAGO P.D. — “Seven Indictments” Episode 414 — Pictured: (l-r) Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Seven Indictments”

Lindsay and Halstead go in for re-evaluation for their gun services. Lindsay aces the shooting targets, while Halstead passes with no high marks. They’re about to leave, but Lindsay receives a cryptic warning from the shooting supervisor. He tells them to “watch their back” with Rixton on the team. They leave the range to drive to a home that was burned to the ground. Their only evidence is a body that is burned beyond recognition. Mouch is on the scene and suggests the explosion was intentional because the gas line was removed. Halstead took it upon himself to tell the team about the warning concerning Rixton. Lindsay wants to give Rixton the benefit of the doubt before going on the war path. As the team keeps looking for more evidence on the scene, another body is found. Except this person is still alive, only able to slightly moan for help. Dan Luwellin is the tenant of the property, preliminary reports show he could be the body in the morgue. The other body, is still attempting to be identified. The LGBTQ home for kids was next door, they evacuated and insist everyone is accounted for. Halstead gets information from a friend saying Rixton’s former department has indictments coming down. Either he bailed on a sinking ship, or Voight reached out to save him. Either way, the team is cautious and Lindsay wants to call Antonio for more information.

Dan’s girlfriend Vivica is notified about the apartment fire. She’s worried because she can’t get him to answer his phone, so she goes to look for him. The other body was identified as Kyle Harvey, a teen from the home next door. Dr. Rhodes regretfully tells Atwater and Rixton that Kyle did not survive his injuries.
Angie is a friend from the home and states Kyle was released two weeks ago. He had fallen on hard times, but he had made significant progress. At the station, Halstead asks Voight about the indictments against Rixton; Voight wants everyone to focus on the case. Except a major curveball comes to them. Dan and Vivica come to the station to show that he is alive. Which begs the questions, who died in the apartment fire? Dan is forthcoming about trying to sublet his apartment, but cannot give a witness to his activity that morning. Without being under arrest, Dan leaves.

While Rixton is frustrated by not coming clean about the gang unit. He wants to tell the team, but Voight tells him to keep quiet. Antonio drops by to tell Erin seven indictments are coming down to the gang unit. The unit was an eight-man unit, Rixton is not being charged. Leaves everyone to think maybe Rixton rolled on his unit to avoid any charges. The medical examiner was able to identify an expensive watch and a wedding ring from the body. The watch traced back to a Jane Framingham, who bought the watch for her husband. The team was initially looking for a man that had two first names, such as Bill Johns. Jane identifies the jewelry as her husbands, but is confused why those items were found in South Chicago, when her husband is doing business in New York. Jane said her husband’s name was Curt and he called her last night.

Curt Forrester, he was arrested for a Ponzi scheme to line his own pockets. Rixton takes on the team after he senses tension. Everyone says they think something fishy happened in his unit for him to not be indicted with any charges. They move on for the moment when the murder weapon is identified as a .22 caliber registered to a Roxanne Cabrera. She is no good for the murder, she broke her ankle and was at the hospital all day. There are more suspects they need to look into. She has a brother named Rafael who is staying with her, but he doesn’t know the combination to the safe where the gun is being kept. However, when they open the safe, the gun is gone. Another suspect is her fiancé, Bill Johns, a red flag for the team. They bring Roxanne in for questioning, she says they’ve been dating for six months and he worked in finance. They were going to move into a new home, but she was unaware of his wife or anything he’s done.

Roxanne keeps trying to defend her brother because he’s doing so well, leaving his tough past behind. He is booked for murder because he has no alibi, motive and the gun was found at his sister’s apartment. Trudy gets a huge break in the case from helping a homeless man find his dog. Coincidence or divine intervention for the team? Marvin, the homeless man identifies Corey, Dan’s real estate agent as the man showing the home with the big red door. Marvin’s friend, Jupiter, a former boxer, suffered severe brain damage became homeless and wandered into Chicago years ago. Jupiter fit the size of Dan, who was killed by Corey to burn in the home. Curt’s identity was just a lie, as the team tracks down credit cards that lead them to Corey. In an unexpected twist, Curt’s wife, Jane was also in the room trying to flee the city. Every situation, every thought, was turned upside down, but the team came out on top.

At the end of the episode, Halstead publicly apologizes to Rixton for running with the gossip. Voight clears up any rumors by saying Rixton wasn’t involved in a big lie his unit was involved in. Everyone feels pretty small considering they assumed Rixton wouldn’t have their back. Burgess ends her shift and goes to walk to her car, but sees Adam!! His undercover work is finished, and he admits he was stupid to run off from intelligence. He wasn’t ready to work side by side with Burgess, but he’s over it. He wants to come back and asks for her permission. She accepts with a smile and a hug. It only takes a sweet moment, but they kiss and pick up right where they left off.

Next week, a cold case comes to the intelligence unit. Except when they keep investigating deeper, they find themselves involved with the city’s biggest gang war! Will the team be able to survive this gang endeavor and solve the cold case? Stay tuned for another after take!