After-Take: GRIMM “Seven Year Itch”

GRIMM — “The Seven Year Itch” Episode 605 — Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Russell Hornsby — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Seven Year Itch”

The start of the episode is very familiar to the end of Stephen King’s Carrie. Hands popping out of the ground, first a wesen is seen. However, he needs to conform to his human form in order to blend in. He sees many people in the park, and observes them. In the tunnels, Eve wakes up to find blood all over her hands and chalk writings on the bricks. Upstairs, Nick has a memory from when he was shot, which prompts him to look into the tunnels. Adalind wakes up and makes sure Nick is feeling okay being back in the loft.

A Good Samaritan calls 911 to pick up the homeless dirty man. During the call, the man disappears, only to reappear behind the caller; the caller is stabbed through the neck and left to die. At Sean’s home, he puts Diana to bed; but sees her voodoo dolls and keeps the sword so she can’t do any harm with it. Once he’s back to his room Misner continues to haunt Sean.

At Rosalee’s prenatal appointment, she is feeling nervous because of Diana’s prediction. At first, the tech only finds one heartbeat, which makes Rosalee relieved. Until the ultrasound tech finds more heartbeats! The total amount comes to three heartbeats. Unexpected, but they are committed to making their situation work. At a coffee shop, Nick talks to Hank about his nightmare; he felt the shots like it happened again. They are called to a crime scene before they can have breakfast. Across town, Diana was picked up from Sean’s and he feels tired from the nightmares. At the crime scene, Nick is already convinced the crime is wesen.

The good Samaritan, Jeremy Tauberg, is found naked, no wallet; rags were found in a bush nearby. A young boy is playing in the park and falls into a hole. Once he is pulled out, a skeleton hand comes out with it. Nick makes the assumption more than one body was buried, because the hole was so big. Jeremy’s credit card was used at a diner, the waitress gave a description for the sketch artist. The medical examiner gives some results about the body that was found. The skeleton was a woman, and she was in the ground for at least five years. Results shows her organs were taken out and every bone in her body was gnawed on. At the loft, Diana expresses her desire to see Misner again. She heard her father yelling his name and knew who he was talking about. Adalind had to tell Diana Misner has died, but she still wants to see him again. She then casually mentioned Eve is in the wall and not feeling well. Adalind gets her up the wall and has her rest in Diana’s bed. Diana goes down the tunnels and sees the writings on the wall.

Hank and Nick go to the spice shop and find out their wesen is a “party animal”. This wesen also happens to be immortal. Rosalee and Monroe tell the guys about their triplet’s news. Surprising, but they need to keep on track with their wesen problem. They suspect he will need a plus sized individual to ensure he will survive the next seven years. Monroe sees a resemblance to someone he knows in the past; but he can’t think of it. Nick needs to leave because Adalind calls, needing him to come home right away. The party animal goes to a bar and picks up a plus sized woman after killing her date.
Adalind feeds Eve and shows her Diana’s similar drawings. Eve wasn’t even sure how long she had been down there. Anytime she wanted to leave, the stick brought her back, unable to move. Nick comes home and Eve feels like she is a burden to them. Nick goes to the tunnels to see Eve’s drawings; but Nick needs to leave to take care of another dead body. While on the crime scene, Nick gets a call from Monroe; Monroe has finally figured out why he recognizes the wesen. He believes the wesen is William Stillman. William is the frontiersman who settled in Portland to preserve the nature of the city.

William takes his date through the park to swoon her. Sean goes to a pawnshop front to find out how to be rid of Misner’s haunting. He offers up a family heirloom ring as payment, but the dealer also wants his wedding band. The dealer offers up a “spirit vacuum” to rid Misner. Back in the park, William sweet-talks his date distracting her from his true intention. Once she looks away, he knocks her unconscious and begins to dig a hole for his return to the ground. Nick, Wu and Hank try to subdue the monster, but he is very strong. Suddenly, a wesen hippopotamus comes up behind the monster and bites his head off.

Turns out, this lady wasn’t in distress, she can take care of herself. At the shop, the vacuum works, the spirit comes out, but instead inhabits himself into the shop keep. Misner is looking back at Sean and turns up the volume of the machine. Suddenly, Sean is laying on the ground of the shop, with nothing else around him. He looks at the shop front, it’s locked and for lease. The mind is a terrible thing to lose, and he lost his rings, ended up in a empty shop, still staring at Misner. Have we all gone mad with Sean? Let’s hope we don’t lose our minds as well!

Next week, the monster comes in while you’re sleeping. Will Monroe be the next victim in the wesen’s path? Find out next Friday Grimmsters!!