After-Take: GRIMM “Trust Me Knot”

GRIMM — “Trust Me Knot” Episode 602 — Pictured: (l-r) Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Trust Me Knot”

Renard gives the order to burst into Bud’s garage shop. The gang sees the police surrounding, Trubel suggests to take them on. Monroe pulls his arm in front of Rosalee and announces she’s pregnant. She wanted to keep it a secret but he doesn’t want her in the way of any harm. The officers are awaiting orders when Wu and Hank show up in a patrol car. They arrest Renard for the murder of his political advisor Rachel Wood. His fingerprints were seen all in her bedroom, the place of the murder. He is relieved of his command, but insists they will not come back from their actions. Inside, Nick wants to turn himself in to save his friends from his problems.

Trubel and Eve try to convince him that’s not the right move to make, unaware of what’s happening outside. Still the order is given and the police burst inside. Nick surrenders himself, and while the cops search him, they find the magical stick. The stick sets off a pulse knocking every officer unconscious. So, the gang fires off a few gunshots and Nick disguises himself in the police uniform to escape. As the officer, he calls out that Burkhart escapes heading the other direction. Everyone escapes in the armored truck, but they need a place to hide. Monroe suggests the tunnels using the back trap door by the railroad tracks. Renard keeps trying to discourage the charges and the pending investigation. Renard calls Adalind to inform her of the charges, and asks her to come to the station. While Renard is locked up, he asks a fellow wesen worker for a phone to use.

Monroe and Roslaee are dropped off at the spice shop while the rest of the gang follows the map to the tunnel. Eve admits to feeling different since she was healed from the stick. Eve wants to bring the cloth to the spice shop to find out its powers before someone is killed. While Adalind calls Rosalee to have her watch the kids, so she can take care of Renard’s case.

Renard gets his phone and calls his judge friend telling him what’s happened; hoping the case will be taken care of. In the tunnels, Eve takes the cloth and cautions Nick about carrying the stick all the time. He reluctantly agrees and sets it back in its chest while he is safe in the tunnels. However, after everyone leaves, Nick takes the stick back out feeling unsettled without it. Once he holds the stick, he goes into a trance and cannot hear anyone else. The power becomes so great and he quickly puts the stick back in the chest and moves along. Adalind discloses to Rosalee what’s happening with Renard and hopes to be back soon. Kelly is cooperative while Diana is busy moving the jars around telepathically. The actions are a little unsettling for Monroe to watch. Then Trubel and Eve come by, and Diana recognizes them both. The ladies all go to the back room to decipher what the cloth says.

Adalind goes to speak with Renard unsure about what he needs her to do. He wants her to be his alibi because his real alibi was at Nick’s loft killing Bonaparte. Adalind refuses to lie for him because she cares about the wellbeing of her children. Wu and Hank meet up with Nick and Bud in the tunnels. Nick suggests Bud go back home to his wife and children. Nick then suggests the charges against Renard be dropped so Nick can be pardoned. Nick finally reaches out to Adalind and asks for her help. She agrees to meet him where she first said, “I love you.”

Wu and Hank bring Renard to Nick’s loft so they can agree to terms. The deal comes to Renard dropping Nick’s charges and re-instating him to the department; while Nick gets Adalind to agree to be Renard’s alibi. To ensure Renard keeps his word, Adalind implements a “trust me knot”. If Renard or Nick do not comply, the rope knot will kill the party non compliant. Adalind sets the blood oath and the rope forms into a hangman’s noose.

At the spice shop, everyone gathers downstairs to decipher the cloth. Their decipher method does not work, but Diana looks and begins to see symbols. No one else can see what she’s seeing, which is the problem Eve also had. Nick arrives and asks Diana to write down what she’s seeing on the cloth. While she is drawing, Trubel receives a call from HW outside of Portland. Eve is not invited, only the Grimm’s; but their flight would leave in a matter of hours. But they need to figure out the symbols on the cloth. It’s a variation of equations, hieroglyphics and astrological signs. Roslaee cannot find anything that matches up to what they’re seeing from Diana. Even worse, Renard’s trial is set sooner than expected because he is the mayor elect and police captain. Nick will have to produce Adalind quickly if they call for witnesses.

Trubel gets the final notice for her flight, she wants Nick to also come with her. He declines because of his family and wants to fight Renard even if he will be a fugitive still. Adalind rushes to court to see Renard and fulfill her end of the deal. However, Judge Stagcroft is Renard’s contact and confidant. The judge throws out the case stating the evidence does not match the case and dismisses Renard with no charges. Since Adalind did not have to testify, the deal is off and Nick remains a wanted man. Hank and Wu will have to turn in resignation letters because Renard is back in charge. With the news, Nick insists Adalind move back in with Renard for her safety. Renard played everyone and got everything he wanted. His next move is to find Nick and he makes a call to ensure his plan works.

Next week, Nick must undergo a spell to become Renard. How far will Nick go to protect his family? Find out next week when the Final Chapter of Grimm continues.