After-Take: GRIMM “El Cuegle”

GRIMM — “El Cuegle” Episode 604 — Pictured: (l-r) Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “El Cuegle”

Renard is pointing his gun at Meisner still not convinced of what he’s seeing. Renard gets a call from a member of Bonaparte’s group. Everything is a mess from the death of their leader and with Renard seemingly stepping out of office. Renard cannot concentrate with the phone call and hangs up to finish with Meisner, but Meisner is gone. At the spice shop, everyone tries to reassure Diana that Renard is fine, and they were trying to help his situation.

Diana sees Rosalee’s belly and sees multiple babies inside her. She’s not sure how many, except Rosalee may have a litter of wesen babies growing. A man is searching through photos of babies on the Internet and seemingly fighting an instinct. He finds an address for a young boy named Auggie. He goes into the house and finds the nursery to find the baby in the crib. Auggie’s mother tries to fight off the monster, but is not successful and the man leaves with the baby.

Adalind, Kelly and Diana go back to Nick’s loft for the night. Adalind promises to take Diana to see Renard the next morning. Eve lingers in the tunnels and hears Nick gushing about Adalind. Eve tries to keep Juliette’s feelings down and focus on keeping Nick safe. At the precinct, Renard is angry with Wu, Nick and Hank; and lets them know where they stand. After their meeting, they investigate a kidnapping. Nick goes to the parents of Auggie and they are desperate for answers.

The wife draws a picture of the monster she saw take Auggie. Wu finds old case files with the same mysterious kidnappings. In the tunnels, Eve picks up the magical stick because she is drawn to its power. She drops the stick and sees a cut on her hand has reappeared. While at the station, Nick stands up but feels light headed when Eve handles the stick. Nobody knows the true power of this piece, yet it’s continued to be trifled with.

When the gang heads to the spice shop, the wesen El Cuegle is discovered. Monroe is very upset at the thought of a baby eater roaming Portland. El Cuegle goes to the drug store to find baby cough syrup. However, his headache grows worse and he woges in the store, forcing him to steal the medicine. At the mini mart, security footage is recovered where a license plate will be sent out for an all points bulletin. While in the tunnels, Eve sees another symbol on her hand; and recognizes it from her experience with the death grip.

She begins to scratch the symbols into the bricks. Adalind brings Diana to see Renard for the night. Renard informs them he will be moving because he is no longer the mayor of Portland. Wu finds a hit on the wesen’s whereabouts and they rush into save the baby. Auggie is saved while his captor is arrested. While Diana is helping make dinner, Renard asks her about Bonaparte’s death. They come to an agreement that she needs to come to him for any adult problems.

Auggie is returned to his grateful parents. Nick and Hank bring Isidoro to the interrogation room. He admits to kidnapping children because they are destined to do horrible things. He says on Auggie’s 19th birthday he will begin his reign of terror by murdering his parents. He also brings up a case Hank worked on with a similar outcome. Isidoro did not listen to his visions and the boy grew up to murder 10 people in a small town diner.

Nick begins to think this is really the truth and wants to research more to find out if Isidoro was in Idaho 18 years ago. Before they can find an answer, Isidoro begins to have a seizure from ignoring his visions about Auggie. A patrolman comes into the room and signals for help; but he is knocked unconscious and falls to the floor. Hank finds a DUI for Isidoro that puts him in Idaho at the time of the kidnapping. They want to speak with him again, but see paramedics running to the interrogation room. Instead they find Isidoro missing and the patrolman is being tended to.

They can already suspect he’s taking a second chance at kidnapping Auggie. At the house, Haley’s husband insist she speak with a psychiatrist because she sounded crazy with her monster theory. She is insulted, and knows she saw a monster take Auggie. Then, a phone call comes in and Nick tries to warn them of Isidoro’s escape. As Paul is locking the windows, Isidoro breaks the glass, and forces his way inside. Nick fights off Isidoro and kicks him off the stairs. Isidoro is dead and Auggie is deemed safe; however, the prediction for Auggie seems to have been set into motion. All they can do is wait and see what the future holds.

Next week, a monster rises from the ground to feast on the living. The wesen only comes out once every seven years to find his prey. How will they be able to stop this evil wesen? Stay tuned for another after take next Friday!