SDCC 2016: Previewing the end of GRIMM with Claire Coffee

GRIMM is coming to what I’m sure will be an explosive end at the end of Season 6, starting the ground running in tonight’s intense season premiere.

Claire Coffee (Adalind) spent some time talking with us at Comic Con in San Diego over the summer.

On the new dynamic: “Alliances are shifting for sure.  I think the beginning of the season, it’s an incredibly tense, usually we take a season to work towards the insanity or that level of tension, but we’re starting with it this season and it’s not letting up.”

On the shorter season: “We are all kind of committing to enjoying these thirteen as much as possible. It feels like everything is compacted.  We’re excited.”

Claire also discussed the changes in Adalind that we’ve seen and the relationship she’s built with Nick – check it out!