After-Take: GRIMM “Fugitive”

GRIMM — “Fugitive” Episode 601 — Pictured: (l-r) Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Bree Turner as Rosalee, Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Fugitive”

Grimmsters we will endure this final season premiere together! Thankfully, the network allowed them time to wrap up the series with a beautiful bow. We already know they’re finishing up the final episode by the cast social media feed. So let’s enjoy these final 13 episodes and know the fans were the reason this show lasted 6 seasons!

When we last saw Nick, he had Black Claw causing havoc in his home! Just when it seemed Nick had met his demise, Renard stabs Bonaparte through the heart saving Nick! However, Diana’s actions made Renard betray his war partner. Now months later, we finally pick up where the writers left off.

Both Renard and Nick are confused about what just transpired; so Renard drops the sword and leaves the loft. Down in the tunnels, Monroe and Rosalee are trying to find a way out, Trubel stayed with Eve who was suffering seizures. Wu and Hank are wondering how the Captain will explain the situation. Monroe and Rosalee break through a gate and head upwards to the surface. Monroe goes first and sees a door that leads to a power plant, so they backtrack to find the others. Rosalee is panicked about who could be coming down the tunnels or if Nick is even alive still. Before everyone catches up, Eve tries to woge, but something is stopping her from reaching her full power. Trubel worries Juliette is fighting to become stronger, but Eve doesn’t want that to happen.

Everyone agrees to go back to the loft and find Nick. Nick comes down the tunnel and is almost beheaded by Trubel! They are all shocked to hear everything that’s just happened, especially that Renard killed Bonaparte!

Across town, Adalind is taking care of Kelly when Renard comes back. She is relieved to hear Nick survived, but is confused about Renard’s account of Bonaparte’s death. Renard suspects Diana, but Adalind is weary about him being so upset, considering her powers. With all of the deaths, Renard plans to set up Nick for the crime. Adalind goes to check on Diana and sees the voodoo doll of a man with a pin. Diana insists she wanted her mom to never get hurt by Bonaparte again, Adalind could only hug her sweet daughter.

At the loft, everyone is appalled by how many dead bodies were laying on the floor. The bodies from the loft will be taken into the tunnels and the other bodies from the spice shop will be taken care of before dawn.

Renard goes to a judge, a member of Black Claw, demanding search warrants to bring Nick in for the murder of Bonaparte. Renard issues a shoot to kill order on Nick because he had help breaking out of the precinct. Adalind calls Nick in a panic hoping he can come by because she can’t leave the children. At the spice shop, a dead wesen grabs hold of Eve, using a death grip trying to take her pure soul so he can be cleansed. With quick thinking, Rosalee releases Eve, but leaves everyone to wonder: how is Eve pure of soul when she’s murdered? They begin to think when Nick healed her with the stick, it may have cleansed her soul. Nobody knows the full power of the stick they’ve found, but they must be cautious.

Nick rushes to see Adalind and Kelly; he understands why she told Bonaparte his location. The children’s safety has to come first, and as he consoles Adalind, Hank calls with the bad news. Trubel and Eve go back to the loft to look for Nick. But they have to leave because the police are pulling up to take Nick in. The search warrants also included the spice shop and Monroe’s home.

Eve sees a pattern on the ancient cloth and recognizes it from her experience in the death grip; except Trubel cannot see the pattern. Nick makes an escape to Bud’s refrigerator repair shop to hide. Bud makes a few calls and gets everyone else to meet at the shop. Nobody from HW is still alive in Portland, but they’re trying to gain momentum for the cause. Black claw also suffered mass losses, but it won’t make it any easier to kill Renard when he has the backing of the police force with him. Everyone believes it’s in Nick’s best interest to leave Portland for a while until Renard is no longer in control.

At the station, a patrolman checked every call on Nick’s cell phone and came across Bud’s number. Renard makes the connection and demands a search of Bud’s real estates. Back at the shop, Eve cautions Nick about carrying the stick on him all the time. That cautionary will have to wait, Wu warns everyone that the police are watching the shop. They decide to use Bud as a diversion so Nick can make his escape. When Bud is about to leave, the entire SWAT, detective units and captain surround the shop. Eve is unable to harness her powers, which renders everyone hopeless. Then, the captain gives the order to “take them down.” Screen goes to black in typical Grimm fashion.

Next week, the epic showdown begins. Nick decides to take matters into his own hands when he transforms into the captain. Which version of Renard will survive? Tune in next week for Grimm: The Final Chapter, here on My Take on TV!