After-Take: GRIMM “Oh Captain, My Captain”

GRIMM — “Oh Captain, My Captain” Episode 603 — Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard — (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Oh Captain, My Captain”

The police search around the spice shop, but do not enter. Everyone is hiding downstairs, but Nick knows he has to leave. Eve goes with him and they hide away the magic stick with its cloth. Adalind keeps wearing her wedding ring afraid to take it off because of Bonaparte’s warning. She does not want to endanger her children and has to go along with Renard’s plan. Reluctantly, Hank and Wu turn in their resignation letters to Renard. They grab their items and meet Nick and Eve in the tunnels. Renard will be sworn into the mayor’s office soon and then will run the city. Nick decides to take matters into his own hands; he asks Eve to use the hat to transform himself into Renard.

At the station, Jeremiah comes to Renard seeking justice for Rachel’s death. He truly believes Renard killed Rachel and demands money for his silence. At the spice shop, Rosalee gathers the ingredients as Monroe runs to Renard’s home to collect hair samples. While across town, Renard meets Jeremiah to give the blackmail money. Renard enlists his lieutenant to kill Jeremiah as a trade to become captain once he takes the mayor’s office. Jeremiah’s throat is ripped out and a little bit of blood gets on Renard’s shirt which makes him have to stop by his home sooner than planned. Monroe gets the hair samples from Adalind and is about to leave, until they hear Renard.

Monroe hides out in the closet hoping Renard won’t hear. Adalind convinces Renard to take a shower to allow Monroe to escape. Monroe makes it back in time to finish the potion. Nick strips down and prepares to become Renard. At first, he does not feel an effect, but then the transformation begins. The transition is complete and everyone is in awe. Adalind has to keep Renard at the house until the news broadcast at 7pm. Nick tries out his best Renard mannerisms and manages to fool Hank.

Adalind tries desperately to keep Renard at the house and barely succeeds. Fake Renard gives a press conference abdicating his mayor ship while also clearing Nick’s good name. The captain is furious and threatens Adalind if she had anything to do with helping. There is only a small window for Nick and Hank to grab Renard’s files before he comes back. However, Lt. Grossante is frustrated with the captain going back on their deal. Nick tries his best to get out of the conversation, but feels the potion wearing off. He is stopped by the press for a statement, while downstairs Renard shows up. Wu helps distract the Captain to Nick can escape and get back to the spice shop. Eve begins to worry about Nick because the spell did not wear off, it’s possible because he is a Grimm, and it’s complicating things.

Both versions of Renard agree to meet at the loft, on the roof. Nick ensures Adalind and the kids are safe as he prepares himself to fight. The fight is confusing for viewers, both versions can woge. Adalind and the children make it to the spice shop safely but she’s worried about Nick. Up on the roof, Nick suggests blaming the precinct attack on Bonaparte along with the dirty cops. Renard will not be mayor, but Nick, Hank and Wu would get their jobs back. Diana will be raised by her father, while Nick wants Kelly and Adalind in his care. Nick and the captain agree to the terms; so long as Nick can turn himself back or the deal is off. At the end of the episode, everyone agrees to keep trying to save Nick from being stuck as Renard. Diana wakes up from her nap and sees who she thinks is her father. When she realizes it’s not, she throws Nick through the wall and into the spice shelves. Upon impact, he begins to transition back; once he’s back to being himself, he sees a dark look in Diana’s eyes as she looks at him.

After his ordeal, Renard goes back to his home. He suddenly draws his gun, feeling the presence of an intruder. He is shocked to see Misner standing in front of him. “You chose the wrong side Sean.”

Next week, a Spanish folklore comes to Portland seeking babies. With Rosalee expecting, will she be in danger? Find out for the final chapter of Grimm!