SDCC 2016: GRIMM’s Russell Hornsby previews Season 6

What comes next for GRIMM?  We sat down with Russell Hornsby at San Diego Comic Con round tables over the summer to ask just that, and get his take on what he’d like to see if the show were to end (we found out a few months later that it definitely is ending at the end of Season 6, premiering tonight with a great new episode).

On Nick, Renard, and what that means for the show: “They didn’t end things on a high note!  They’re at odds, officially [Nick and Renard. Renard] is going to hide behind his Mayoral powers….how much longer does Nick, and Hank, and possibly Wu, have on the force?  The captain knowing what he knows can have some…influence.”

On love: “Like any fling, they don’t last long. They’re fun in the beginning and then you hit a snag. It’s about the journey.”

Find out what else he had to say about GRIMM above!


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  • Tami spencer

    You cant stop the show we love you and the rest of everyone else who was on the show so david cant leave us hanging like that i mean we have wesen to stop and we have nick and juliette to get back together and we need to take care of you , wu and monroe and rosalie and trouble and we have babies to raise and give birth too also ! Please font let it end !